Saturday, January 11, 2014

Up and Outta Here

December 28, 2013
It was an uneventful day, and my sister and I were quite bored out of our minds sitting in front of the TV all day. The mall was the only place my sister really wanted to go that night, and once our dad came home, that's where we headed. 

I had a Wrapp discount at H&M, so that was the only store I really cared to go. I am so glad too, because I left with these beauties. Ever since I saw a similar pair in Jenn Im's older videos, I've been on the hunt for a nude pair of wedges, and at last, they are mine. And with my discount, they ended up only being almost ten dollars. 
My sister was on the hunt for some new booties, and so we left the mall with new kicks. 
Ended the night with some cookie butter and Ancient Pu Erh tea in my new (actually old) favorite tea mug. 

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