Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Food for Thought

"Living for the weekend. Isn't that a terrible way to live?" - V. Hamilton

Yesterday: My first class of the quarter, I already gained such insightful advice. My Communication professor advised us that we should not have to dejectedly go about our work throughout the week and only live for the weekends, to then just go back to such mediocre or belittling jobs and grow jaded during the week. She urged us, pleading us, to make sure that we all find jobs we are passionate about and love. This strengthened me in my choice of study. Professors like her, who encourage passion over income amount, have helped me immensely in feeling confident, excited, and proud in choosing a major I can genuinely say I am passionate about learning.

Also, it is called a "Communication" major. No "s" at the end.

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