Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sweet Freedom, Sweet Sixteen

December 13, 2013
The first night I arrived home from finals, I knew these babies were waiting for me. I stared at the unlabeled box in my living room, and knew they were inside. I pried open the lid, and immediately put my first pair of Dr. Martens on my feet. Ever since I saw the classic black Dr. Marten boots on in tenth grade, I've been eyeing for a pair of my own. After four long years, my parents were gracious enough to purchase a pair for me for Christmas. Thank you so much!
That night, it was the date of one of my good friend's sweet sixteen birthday, so after quickly dropping off my luggage at home, we went over to visit her and celebrate her special day. It was definitely a nice start to my winter vacation.
Top: Old Navy || Sweater: thrifted || Pants: American Apparel || Cardigan: thrifted

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