Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What Even…?

What has this blog become…it started off with the intention of being a fashion blog, then soon bits of other parts of my life were added, now it's somehow morphed into a travel blog. But no worries! If you're sick of all my travel posts, my fashion posts and hauls will start to come back in regular Unconventional Bliss fashion! I can't wait to share with you what I've done with my summer besides my short three week vacation in the Philippines + Hong Kong!

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Joyous Journeys: Philippines Trip Day 14

July 24, 2014
Food again?! No don't worry, this post isn't as much of a foodie extravaganza as the last one (although like 83% of this post is dedicated to food…), but it was more like a relaxing, chill day before our long twelve hour road trip the next morning.

Joyous Journeys: Philippines Trip Day 13

July 23, 2014
Chicken sandwich/burger at Bonchon Chicken. 
I honestly have no recollection of what happened on this day, except for the moments captured in the following photos. 

Joyous Journeys: Philippines Day 12

July 22, 2014
BEWARE: This blog post is quite food-heavy. So if you have not yet had a meal today, I suggest snacking on something or cooking something right after this because you might just get a bit hungry. While vacationing, EVERYDAY is a foodie day, but this day in particular seemed quite spectacular now that I'm looking over these pictures…Click to read more to see all the mouth-watering dishes I had!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Joyous Journeys: Philippines Day 11

July 21, 2014
My beautiful Nanay (my grandmother on my father's side).
Go on a nostalgic journey back in time with me. Click to read more about my groovy grandparents.