Saturday, November 30, 2013

Unknown Natural

 November 7, 2013
Top: Old Navy || Crewneck: Walmart || Skinny Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Coat: Forever 21 || Shoes: Nordstrom Rack || Beanie: H&M

Taste of New Friendship

 November 2, 2013
Top: vintage || High waisted shorts: DIY || Belt: vintage || Studded flats: Nine West
An afternoon well spent bonding with my lil sib and twin sib. Tried out delicious Indian food and just got to enjoy each other's company. 

History of Interiors

November 1, 2013
Top: Forever 21 || Black skinny jeans: Pac Sun || Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

BrandBacker: Studio Gear Cosmetics Holiday Smokey Eye Palette

I recently received a new product to review from Studio Gear. This is Studio Gear's Cosmetics Holiday Smokey Eye Palette. It comes with four eye shadows surrounding a blush. 
When you open up the palette, you are presented with a sample makeup look and a set of detailed instructions to recreate the look. 
The colors look quite wearable for various looks and occasions. Whether you want an everyday neutral look or a dramatic eye for the night, you can definitely play around with this color palette to fit your unique style. 

For my lovely blog readers, the people at Studio Gear have provided a reader discount for you all to be able to get this palette for ten percent off. 

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stop the Stupid Smiles

October 31, 2013
Blouse: thrifted || Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Jacket: Burlington 
Couldn't fulfill my cartoon character costume fantasies on this night of dressing up. However, my friend and I were able to surprise our good friend with a care package during his busy week. Definitely a successful and appreciated surprise. 
Now please enjoy my amateur painting of the oh so stereotypical wolf head. Sorry about my lack of painting skills, I never had proper training. 

Say Yeahhh

October 30, 2013
Sweater: Old Navy || Cardigan: Ross || Pants: Pac Sun || Sneakers: Forever 21 || Scarf: NY&Co.

Halo Halloween

October 29, 2013
 Sweater: Old Navy || Blazer: thrifted || Scarf: DIY || Jeans: Kohl's || Creepers: Nordstrom Rack

Muted Metals

October 28, 2013
Top: Nordstrom Rack || Jacket: Burlington || Jeggings: Pac Sun || Scarf: NY & Co. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Moment of Truth

 October 27, 2013
Top: Banana Republic || Blazer: thrifted || Jeggings: PacSun || Sneakers: Forever 21 || Necklace: Nordstrom Rack || Backpack: vintage
Casual meets business...casual.

When the Chaos Began

October 26, 2013

Top: Forever 21 || Sweater: Gap || Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch || Necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Family visited me for the morning, and we ended up downtown for some local grub. 
In the afternoon, my housemates all felt the same feeling of restlessness and could not focus in the heat. So we all decided to hop in the car and go downtown for some frozen yogurt. Once we returned back to the apartment, it was time to hit the books. 

Palette of Tears

October 24, 2013
 Top: H&M || Cardigan: H&M || Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch || Sandals: Nordstrom Rack

Hidden Flower Among the Thorns

October 23, 2013
Romper: Urban Outfitters || Top: Forever 21 || Flats: Nine West || Scarf: NY&Co.