Monday, January 6, 2014


December 16, 2013
I woke up thinking my best friend would be coming over to just practice for our annual family Christmas party performance. I got up early enough to have a few minutes to read one of my newest additions to my book shelf. However, I should have been suspicious that morning when my mom told me I could withdraw money from my bank account if I decided to leave the house. I didn't expect to go anywhere, let alone leave the house, so why would I need cash? Because I would get kidnapped.
No, not in the traditional sense of the word. After my best friend and I were sitting in my living room, just chatting as usual, I hear the doorbell ring. As I go up to see who it could be, I hear hysterical laughter and two people running away. It couldn't be...BUT IT WAS. One of our housemates and two of our friends from college came all the way to visit and "kidnap" me for a surprise-filled day. First stop: the badminton courts.
This all started because they wanted to play badminton together, but knew I wouldn't agree, so they kept this from me. And the whole kidnapping idea snowballed from there. The day turned out to be a day full of fun surprises. Badminton turned out to be quite enjoyable, especially with the comfort and company of close friends.
The second surprise was a popular bakery chain that just opened up. 
And of course, the last stop was to watch the much-talked about "Frozen". Now I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. The day was well spent with great company and fun-filled activities. Looking back makes me miss winter vacation even more. Spring break, where are you???

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