Sunday, June 30, 2013

Haul: Nordstrom Rack and Old Navy

What started off as a usual morning with Filipino family breakfast and the plan of going to Old Navy's one dollar flip flop sale turned into a shopping spree and an impromptu pool party (but more on the hangout day in another post).

First we headed over to Old Navy to grab some flip flops (and ended up getting a little more, as you can see at the end of this post). Then after, we headed over to Nordstrom Rack. After perusing the clearance section for the clothes, I headed over to the shoe aisles in hopes of finding a minimalist heel or new summer sandals (as I finally broke my go-to gladiator sandals from Nordstrom at the end of the school year). 

And after getting my hopes up but finding nothing just right in the size 7 aisle, I headed over to check out 71/2 shoes out of curiosity. Well who would have thought that a pair of sandals on the bottom rack would have caught my eye because they were calling out to me. After I tried them on, I knew these were the ones. The strap around the toes, the black sleek look, the faux leather material, and the comfort in walking in them. Just, YES. I could see the rest of my summer in these shoes (and hopefully for many more months after vacation and into the school year). Hopefully I don't wear them out too soon. 

As I was browsing through the miscellaneous sale boxes, my sister comes up to me to ask if a necklace was worth $2.40. I looked up and said, "YES" (referring to the all gold-coated necklace on the right). I made her take me to where she found it, and then she showed me another that I should get as well. I made her get both for herself for now (since she believes she will lose interest and then hand them over to me in the future). Each necklace below was only $2.40!

I ended up picking up three pairs of different colored flip flops, just to have choices for the summer. I need to be prepared for the unpredictable adventures during this vacation!

Besides the huge sale for flip flops, my mom pointed out I should pick up some basic tank tops as well. I decided to get two basic solid colors, white and navy blue, for $2 each!

Sales are definitely worth waiting in ridiculous lines for (one dollar flip flop sales are no joke for Old Navy. That line was long, yet efficiently moved surprisingly quick). Patience is a virtue. It can get you great deals in the end!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Church Day

June 23, 2013

Top: H&M || Blazer: H&M || Maxi skirt: Forever 21 || Sandals: Target (borrowed from sister)

Church day with the family. Then went out for some Vietnamese cuisine at a local family restaurant.

I haven't eaten pho in ages. I've missed the fresh mint leaves and bean sprouts!

Baby sis decided to get a trim (finally).

Ended the day with a refreshing Orange Carrot smoothie from Jamba Juice.

BrandBacker: Shopbevel

At the sight of my mom walking in through the garage door into the living room with a lone package in hand, I immediately jumped up from the couch and ran over to her. My package from Shopbevel finally came in!

Shopbevel is a unique company in that it allows the public to design their own jewelry, the community votes for their favorites, and Shopbevel has their designers produce the winning designs.

Read on to see step by step on the opening of my package!

Love the simplicity of the packaging and the choice of font for the informative label on the front. 

Isn't the organic-feel of the packaging a great touch? My love for simplicity and organic products all in one box.

The following cards and the necklace were found inside this drawstring bag.

Such a cute touch, to add a mini photograph of the product found inside the bag. On the other side of that card is a quote by the designer of this particular piece of jewelry.

"Vintage Rock Necklace" designed by K. Bowers of Chicago, IL

A cute twist to the oh-so-trendy collar necklace. Instead of the over done collar, how about a bow with sharp points dangling from it?

This necklace clasps closed like how most necklaces are found.

Definitely a darling little piece that will make a statement in any outfit. So excited to dress up a look with this piece of jewelry!

Check out Shopbevel here:
Reader Discount: 25% Off
Reader Discount Code: BBSTUDS

REMEMBER: Discounts expire at the end of July!

(Note: Sponsored Post - Powered by BrandBacker).

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Tank top: Abercrombie & Fitch || Cardigan: Forever 21 || Maxi skirt: Forever 21 || Shoes: Nine West (borrowed from sister) || Purse: vintage (courtesy of Mother's closet) || Watch: Fossil

Went out to watch "World War Z" with the family tonight, and wow does it make you think about the dangers of mob mentality. Brings me back to tenth grade English Class discussions (remember Lord of the Flies? Anyone?) 

Sister's Outfit
Top: H&M || Shorts: vintage (courtesy of Mother's closet) || Purse: Fossil (courtesy of Mother's closet, once again) || Gladiator sandals: Burlington Coat Factory || random belt

Haul: Cotton On, H&M, Ross, Walmart

H&M: Velvet leggings and Men's chunky knit green scarf

Cotton On: Initials Canvas Squares 

The scarf, leggings, and frames are purchases from a haul months ago, but forgot to post!

Read on to see today's haul from Ross and Walmart!

Ross: Mirror and Puma military backpack

From a Walmart shopping spree with Mama, grabbed some things for myself. 
1) Aveeno Active Naturals Moisturizing Bar
2) Aveeno Active Naturals Natural Protection SPF50 facial sunscreen lotion
3) Equate Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover
4) Corn Huskers Lotion
5) E6000 glue

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hanging Poolside

Tank top: H&M (borrowed from sister) || Button up: Forever 21 (borrowed from sister) || Shorts: Old Navy || assorted arm candy

Impromptu pool day with the girls. Except no one swam (except one of the kids), and just chatted by the pool side. Right after, takeout for dinner and movie night with the comfort of family and friends. Summer is looking good. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Confirming Faith

Dress: H&M || Blazer: H&M || Wedges: Cotton On || Rings: flea market || Belt: Love Culture 

Celebrated my younger sister's confirmation ceremony into the Catholic faith this past Tuesday. So proud of all the things she learned this past year and how it has shaped her as a person.

Baby sis borrowed my wedges. Excited for her evolving fashion style!

Her passion for hair and braids is definitely beneficial for me!

Most of the usuals (missing one)!

Fishtail braid, courtesy of the sister.