Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bliss XO: Defy, Part 1

Project: “Defy”

The Simple Definition:
  • to refuse to obey (something or someone)
  • to make (something) very difficult or impossible
  • to resist or fight (something)
Photographer: Miguel Raphael B.
Top: PacSun | Flannel: thrifted | Cap: gift | Khakis: thrifted (Abercrombie & Fitch kids) | Shoes: Vans 
To see Miguel's outfit, explore The XO Series
Defy (as defined by Miguel) | Defy (as defined by Isabel)
During my photoshoot with Miguel, a train passes by twice. My eyes linger on the back of that locomotive and out towards the farthest ends of the train tracks, and my mind wanders for a moment. Wanders and thinks about the future.
When i was growing up i knew one thing was to be sure. If I studied really hard, worked even harder, answered only when asked, obliged if told to do so, head down, that I would make it. Standing at the railroad crossing, I realized that this time. I felt like I had the freedom to choose. That a driving force inside me was whispering.
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