Monday, August 17, 2015

Bliss, XO: Denim on Denim

July 28, 2015
Photography: Miguel Bagsit
Denim button up: thrifted || Jeans: BDG (Urban Outfitters) || Sandals: Birkenstock

Who would have ever thought I would break my one fashion rule - NEVER wear denim with denim. Geez Miguel, you broke me with your Denim on Denim concept photoshoot. Lucky for him, I found this great denim button up at the thrift store earlier that week. So when he brought this idea up as our next photoshoot, I instantly envisioned this top with my trusty high-waisted ripped skinny jeans, creating a balance between the looseness of the button up and the fitted shape of the bottoms. Kept it fun and casual with my trusty Birks and go-to braided pigtails. 

Just goes to show, NEVER say never. You never know when you'll go behind your own back to try a fashion rule you promised you'd never in a million years break. I'm always for experimenting and dressing in outfits that may be the worst decision ever, but at least I tried it out. Now that I matched these denim pieces together, I'm definitely open to putting together more denim pieces. (Maybe it was the fact that the top was a button up...I'm a sucker for button ups. Collars just make everything look a smidge classier, don't they?)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bliss, XO: Calm, Cool, Neutral

July 28, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Bagsit

 Be calm, be cool, be neutral

When I think of neutrals I think of two kinds: shades of black like blacks, grays, and whites vs. earth tones like khaki, browns, and grays. I've been exploring a lot of the darker palette, so I wanted to try my hand at a more light, warm neutral look. Neutrals are great to have in a wardrobe because they are so easy to mix and match with other pieces. A great outfit will almost always result. It seems safe, but it also allows for experimentation. Read on for more details about this outfit.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ten Cents of Bliss

 July 25, 2015
Photo credits: Diem Le
Top: Ross || Skirt: Papaya || Shoes: Nine West

After a few weeks of messaging online, I finally met Diem Le of "My Ten Cents"! We both were new to meeting other fashion bloggers, and I thought what better way to get comfortable with each other than by good old talking. We just talked about how we got to this point with our blogs and why fashion is important to us, among other topics. Somehow, many of the things we discussed were scarily exact thoughts we both shared! It's as if I found my fashion twin! After that, the whole mini photoshoot afterwards wasn't as awkward as I had imagined! It was great learning about collaborating with another like-minded individual I have never met before, but share the same interests and goals as I do. Hopefully more collaborative projects will be coming your way! Click to read more to see what came out of the rest of the photoshoot! 

Bliss, XO: Lemons to Lemonade

July 24, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Bagsit
This photoshoot was about "a pop of color", so I decided to grab the most basic and brightest piece in my limited closet in my apartment at that moment, and get inspired to add pieces to dress that up. A T-shirt is one of fashion's most basic necessities, so the options for outfits were limitless. I ended up dressing it up with lace, and by pairing it with black pants, the neon yellow still was the statement piece of the outfit. Throw on some sandals and my favorite sunglass silhouette, and I've got me a casual/bordering on dressy/I-put-some-effort-in-getting-dressed-today sort of vibe. 

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Bet on It

June 27, 2015
Photo credits: A.B.
Hey ya'll, it's finally summer vacation for me (yay, summer session is over!), and that means more time to dedicate to the blog! This is obviously not fashion focused, but definitely another feature of my life I enjoy sharing with you all. Immersing myself in nature and spending time with family is always refreshing and wonderful, to take a break from social media and all that jazz. I definitely recommend researching local nature paths and hiking trails and just explore. Take it all in, and just breathe. Live in the moment. It's incredibly meditative, calming, and de-stressing. Here are some snapshots of my summer stroll, but for a more interactive experience, check out a blog I created a few weeks ago on my Youtube channel, @unconventionalbliss

I'm still wondering what I could do with Youtube, so feel free to comment below or email me what you'd like to see! Make sure to click to view more of the photos ^_^

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bliss, XO: "Flanneling" my Inner Fashionista

July 14, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Raphael Bagsit
Shirt: American Apparel (thrifted) || Flannel and shorts: thrifted || Sandals: Birkenstock

During a late afternoon, Miguel and I decided to try our hands at a casual look for this particular rooftop photoshoot. I typically dress like this during the summer (sans flannel) because let's face it, a basic T-shirt, some trusty jean shorts, and a good sturdy pair of sandals is the staple outfit for a casual summer day (especially when you just want to be comfortable during your summer classes). So in attempts at making my daily outfit look somewhat more presentable and worthy of a blog post, I dressed it up with some eyeliner, dark lipstick and a funky high ponytail, tied with my trusty velvet blue scrunchie of course. 

Because this photoshoot was casual, I saw this as an opportunity to really explore the space we had and how I could present the outfit as more than a bumming-it-because-i'm-lazy outfit. If you read on, you can see me attempt to "class it up", in hopes to show that a simple shirt and shorts combo can be just the outfit you need for a quick, no-brainer look.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bliss, XO: Unapologetic

July 8, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Bagsit
Be unapologetic and unashamed.

This summer I am excited for future collaborations. Recently, I've been working with a friend and fellow fashion enthusiast, Miguel of, who has a segment on his blog called the XO Series. We've collaborated a few times, but we finally nicknamed our collab series while planning our latest photoshoot, and our series name is...Bliss, XONo doubt, you'll be seeing more of our photoshoots this summer! 

For past Bliss, XO collaborations, check out my past blog posts: 

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Friday, July 10, 2015

E P I P H A N Y .

That's what I just had as I was browsing through my solo shots of my most recent photo shoot with a dear friend and fellow fashion blogger, Miguel of

Through our hangouts and discussions, we chat about what our goals and dreams are for our fashion blogs, but recently we've also constantly been going back to our intentions. Why? Why did we start this blog in the first place, and why continue it? What's the point? 

Miguel found a great method of using mind maps to help him figure out how fashion blogging fits into his life and its importance for him. However, I was still struggling on figuring out why I've continued to do this for almost three years now. Until just a few minutes ago, as I was going through images of me, from the last photo shoot I had with Miguel (which will be a blog post very soon)!

I have always had thoughts in the back of my mind, why blog, and why are you still doing this? what are you getting out of this activity that isn't related to your potential future career? And especially recently since I befriended Miguel, have I gone back to my intentions and thought more seriously of the why. And because of the several reasons that I've started with since the inception of Unconventional Bliss and some reasons that I've only realized were important and meaningful to me now: {warning: long post ahead; you've been warned}.

Monday, July 6, 2015

70's Babe

April 15, 2015
Photo credits: Vianca Natividad

Thanks to a mutual friend and pure happenstance, I was able to collaborate with an incredibly talented photographer, Vianca Natividad! She was friendly and great to work with, and as an amateur photographer myself, it was a nice change for someone else to pose me and actually know how to work the camera instead of me directing them. Typically I ask my sister or whoever else is available at the time, how to position my camera, and I have to constantly check if the photos are to my liking.

With Vianca, I just trusted her and let her take the photos, and directing me as she saw fit. And everything was amazing. Once I got these edited photos back (nothing major, just touchups and lighting), I was blown away by the quality of these shots! Vianca definitely has the skill and eye for photography. If you're looking for beautiful shots and a friendly photographer who knows what she is doing, feel free to contact her and check out her work! 

Vianca Natividad

Read the rest of the blog post to see more of her beautiful photos.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Golden Hour

June 19, 2015
Photo Credits: E.M.
Photo credits: E.M.
Since the craziness of school finally ended and I had a week of summer vacation before summer classes, I decided to host a small, intimate belated birthday celebration with my childhood friends. I wanted it to have a comforting, warm, friendly vibe to it, from the decor to the food to the activities. I think I actually liked planning everything out and making sure my guests enjoyed every moment. I've learned I hate having attention drawn to me, which is why I never had the fancy cotillion, or debut that Filipinas have when they turn eighteen (that, and the cost was not something I wanted to think about). However, something low-key and intimate like a slumber party with a handful of childhood friends who I consider like sisters is something I much prefer. And I'm so glad everything went well, and even better than I expected. At this "milestone" (although I don't feel much different), I just want to make sure I'm improving myself as a community leader, mentor, older sister, daughter, friend and person everyday, working hard to remain empathetic and sensitive in everything I say and do. (And of course, thank you Mommy and Daddy for helping me put this small celebration together, and to my sister for putting up with me <3).

~And with that, a perfectly smooth segue into the photo shoot!~