Monday, January 6, 2014

Cravings Satisfied

December 21, 2013
A random Saturday night. A time to satisfy my everlasting sushi and smoked salmon cravings with a sushi roll that has (wait for it...) SMOKED SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE. 
 December 22, 2013
Below: photo credits to A.B.
Top: Forever 21 || Cardigan: thrifted || Pants: Kohl's || Creepers: Nordstrom Rack || Backpack: vintage
Above: photo credits to A.B.
Just another Sunday spent with the family at the mall. Most family bondings have been occurring at the mall lately. Hopefully we can get creative and think of other locations to go to spend time with one another, instead of a space that can easily deplete your wallet of its resources. 
My lunch at the food court was the Chipotle burrito of course, while my sister had her quesadilla. And that concludes the weekend before Christmas.

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