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Christmas Day 2013

 December 25, 2013
Christmas morning, afternoon, and evening. 
Quite the eventful holiday celebration.
Christmas morning was spent opening up gifts with my sister, as my parents looked on inquisitively. This Christmas season has got to be my most memorable to date. I am not one to be all materialistic, but I must say, this year's gifts (especially ALL of my secret santa gifts) were just sublime. Either I have been lusting after it, the gift was in line with my style (clothes, to be honest, can be quite tricky to gift to people), or I never realized I needed it. Thank you to all those who graciously showered me with gifts this holiday season. I greatly appreciate all the thought and effort put into them!
YES YES YES. My second John Green book to read (my first was the well-known The Fault in our Stars), but my first one to own for myself. Sadly I was not able to get around to reading all the books I received for Christmas during my winter vacation, but now I have a good amount to keep me busy for the summer! 

The afternoon was spent first at church, then lunch with a close family we have not seen in a while. It was great to just catch up with them, since my sister and I were childhood friends with their daughters.  
Above: photo credits to A.B.
Dress: Forever 21 || Sweater: Forever 21 || Tights: Cotton On || Scarf: gift || Shoes: Dr. Martens
Above: photo credits to A.B.
The night was all of us being out and about. Since the movie theaters are pretty much the only places open on Christmas nights, that was the place to go. Last year was Les Miserables. This year was Saving Mr. Banks. Both tearjerkers (for my sister at least). This movie was quite interesting to see what most likely went down during the creation of Disney's Mary Poppins. It was definitely not all perfect and smooth-sailing. I especially enjoyed how P.L. Travers' past was intertwined with the footage of the present day. It made for quite an interesting film. The portrayal of the Mary Poppins author by Emma Thompson was just priceless. Her little quirks and mannerisms seemed so genuine and lifelike to what could have possibly been true to Travers' personality. All I can say now is for you to watch the movie yourself. 

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