Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet Potato Stand

Bought some delicious, crispy roasted sweet potatoes from a simple and cute stand outside a Korean supermarket after lunch!

Actually followed through with out plans and met up with the college group outside of campus during our spring break! Had a spontaneous day of no plans and driving from place to place for some explorations, laughter, silliness, and adventures. (And outfit photos outside for once)!

My tofu vegetarian hot pot.

Roomie's bibimbap. And our matching side dishes.

Floormate's dukbokki.

Friend's Japanese meal. With a mountain of rice.

Photo Credits: G. Tam

Oxford top: Old Navy || Cardigan: Old Navy || Velvet leggings: H&M || Sneakers: Forever 21 || 
Socks: H&M || Watch: Target || Rings: Local flea market || Earrings: gift

Park escapade, sight seeing, spontaneous photoshoots.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Movie Marathon

Oxford top: Old Navy || Sweater: Forever 21 || Leggings: Target

Never sacrifice fashion for comfort! Dressed casually and comfortably for a night of movie marathoning with the old high school friends on the only day we were all available during our busy spring breaks. Night of junk food eating, laughs, giggles, shrieks, cameras, drooling over Ryan Gosling, 7-11 run for some late night snacks, eating out of ice cream buckets. Enjoying every second.

Movies watched:
1. Donnie Darko
A dark, eery coming-of-age-teen0angst-time-travel cult favorite. Reminded me of Perks of Being a Wallflower, with a touch of creepy (Frank the Rabbit). If you're into indie, time travel, unanswered-questions-until-the-end-of-the-movie, cult favorites and want a refreshing change from the mainstream, dry, predictable movies, try watching this (and see the brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal be that creepy, dark, angst teen struggle with his dark mind).

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. YES.

3. Lost in Translation
A touching story of two Americans living in Japan, struggling alone in a foreign land and eventually finding solace in each other's company.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BrandBacker: BA Star Natural Shadow Palette

Recently, I joined a great networking site for brands and blogs to support each other. BrandBacker ( is a new site to connect brands and blogs. According to their site "We analyze the beauty & fashion industry's top bloggers & influencers and connect them with brands they love. Get access to 1,000's of influencers." I recently received my first product to review, so read on to find out more! 
The brand's sticker, used as a seal on my package.
The package inside the envelope I received in the mail.
Promotion card inside the plastic bag packaging. 
BA Star's Natural Shadow Palette was wrapped neatly inside a zebra patterned tissue paper and protected with a small piece of styrofoam sheet.
This five color eyeshadow palette contains (from left to right) three mineral shadows in the shades "Bronze", "Cocoa", and "Nude" and two gel glitters in the shades "Gold" and "Crystal". Included in the palette is one double applicator. One side has a loose brush and the other is a sponge applicator.

(Lamp lighting)

From left to right: Bronze, Cocoa, Nude, Gold, Crystal
(Natural lighting)

(Camera flash lighting)
(Natural lighting)
Licked the tip of my pinky finger, and swiped it once through the eyeshadow swatches. They surprisingly held up quite well. The mineral shadows stuck on longer, whereas the glitter gels were more easily wiped off. (Note: no eyeshadow primer was used in any swatch. The eyeshadows were applied directly to my arm).
Swiped my pinky finger a third time through the swatches. Again, the mineral shadows stayed on stronger than the gel glitters.

The texture of the mineral shadows were quite nice and of high quality. They were not chalky at all, but almost creamy. The gel glitters are exactly what you would expect. They felt like gel with glitter specks, but were not oily or greasy at all. I absolutely love the shimmer in the mineral shadows. They do not look like cheap, overly glittery eyeshadows but of good quality shimmer shadows. This palette strongly reminds me of my Maybelline Eye Studio Wet Eye Shadow Quad in "Give Me Gold" in its colors and textures. 

For $8.75 on the brand's website ( this natual, everyday eyeshadow palette is definitely worth it. For all my readers, you can purchase this eyeshadow palette or other palettes for 50% off using the Reader Discount Code: BBSMOKY

Reader Discount Code: BBSMOKY

(Note: Sponsored Post - Powered by BrandBacker).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Foodie Day

The first night coming back from school, I got to hang out with family and visit friends. Supported a good friend in his first performance at a pizza parlor!

After church, went out to the mall with Mom and sis.


Trying on a pair of cropped sweat pants, perfect for spring weather or to dress down a very formal outfit (it perfectly went with the top half of my outfit I had on that day). A haul post will be up soon!

Chipotle lunch before shopping all day.

Changed into a more comfortable, dressed down outfit before dinner with the whole family. Decided to wear my favorite new addition to the wardrobe...velvet leggings. Shoes were white high-top sneakers courtesy of my sister, with above-the-ankle white socks.


...and After.

Ended the night in a little cafe/froyo/bakery with a sweet pastry that was AMAZINGLY rich and delicious. Left the gelato for everyone else because I can't handle dairy! Perfect, sweet way to end the first day back from school, with the family.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Oxford top: Old Navy || Swing skirt: Charlotte Russe || Blazer: H&M || Tights: vintage || Heels: Nine West || Watch: Target || Rings: Macy's

Finally back home. Dressed up for a day and night out with the family. My outfit for church and the mall with mama and sis. 

Got a couple things today at the mall, so keep an eye out for that haul. I also got something in the mail recently, so stay tuned for a review on that product (hint: makeup)!

Brass Toned

Top: Forever 21 || Cardigan: thrifted || Jeans: Forever 21 || Watch: Target || Bracelet: present

Finals are over, so back to updating the blog! Here is an old outfit post during finals week. A day to dress simply and comfortably. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Distressed Denim

Top: Mango || Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters || Gladiator sandals: Nordstrom Rack || Hair bow: DIY || Watch: Target || Rings: Macy's

Casual day, lazy day, study day.