Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clashing Hues

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Beanie: H&M
Watch: Fossil

Weather is going back to its usual winter self. Time to go back to those knits and caps. 

Rinse Repeat Recycle

Coat: Old Navy
Sweater: Forever 21
Black Jeggings: Pac Sun
Scarf: New York & Company
Watch: Fossil

Probably repeating outfits by now, but I love this sweater. It's material, color, texture, form.  All I need to do to change things up are a few different pieces mixed and matched.

I layered it with a coat and topped it off with a scarf. Add in a few accessories here and there, and I got myself a whole new look for the winter.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Top: gift
Pants: Kohls
Boots: Forever 21
Scarf: Old Navy
Watch: Fossil
Snakeskin bracelet: vintage
Ring: vintage

After church this past Sunday, I passed by our local flea market. I haven't been to a flea market in about two years, so I wanted to check this one out. Despite its small size, there were hidden treasures.

Stopped by a vendor's jewelry table, and fell in love with the copious amounts of vintage rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pins. She was an older woman, probably around her 50s or 60s since she told me the snakeskin bracelet I purchased was real snakeskin and from the 60s. She was so kind, that she lowered the prices for me and even found the added piece to the gold ring I found. Can't wait for the next flea market and for other treasures I may find.

Candy Striped

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Cotton On
Tights: vintage
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Nine West

It was an incredible change in weather this past weekend. The sun decided to come out and allowed us college students to take advantage of this rare warm weather.

Brought out the shorts from hibernation, but it was still windy so layered with tights. It has been slowly cooling down again. The weather never ceases to surprise me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I.B.O.T.M. Laureen Uy

Inspirational Blogger of the Moment

Why her?

Laureen Uy is a designer-fashion-blogger-turned-actress. Laureen's fresh, bright, and ever-changing style has kept me coming back to her blog. I love the way she is so confident and experimental with her outfit choices. She is probably one of the main influencers who made me want to start wearing jewelry and became aware of how it can alter the look of an outfit. Laureen taught me that every part, every detail that goes into an outfit makes or breaks it and can give it a different look depending on what you change. Whether you go for a natural look, smokey eye, pop of color, studded jewelry, sneakers, or heels, an outfit can always be changed up or down. When she shares her travel expeditions as well as her moments in show business, it creates a deeper bond between her and her readers. She allows us to delve into her life, which shows us that she is more than what meets the eye.

Name: Laureen Uy
Job: Designer, Fashion Blogger, Actress
Country: Philippines

1. What made you decide to showcase your love of fashion with the rest of the world by creating a fashion blog?
It was actually a birthday gift for myself and also I wanted to have a visual diary so every if 5 years from now, I'd still get to see what I wore back then.

2. Who are your main fashion influences/role models?
- my mom and my sister

3. Any tips or advice on becoming a fashionista without breaking the bank?
- ukay ukay!

4. How has the experience of being an actress been?
-really good. it's another industry i'm now part of- and im lucky and blessed!

5. Any advice on those starting out their blogging careers?
- always be unique and never be lazy to post content

6. What are your favorite go-to beauty products?
- mac lipsticks

7. What can you say to those who are bullied and made fun of for having their own amazing, eccentric, and unique sense of style which is not understood by their peers?
- never let them get to you. the most eccentric people are the ones who make a change in the world.

8. What are you future goals, dreams, and aspirations, whether fashion-related or not?
- to learn how to play the violin and speak french

9. Thoughts on the importance of being educated as well as being fashionable? Can only be one or the other? Important to be both?
- how you dress is how you are. it reflects your personality as well, so it's very important.

10. For the youth of today who have lost their self esteem and confidence, either from physical appearances, financial reasons, academics, etc., what encouraging words do you have for them?
- never let anyone bring you down.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Photo stream of the past weekend with the family and usual girls (missing one of us, who was sick)!

My sister's love for green tea desserts.

You can obviously see my love for sushi.

Younger sister's hip-cool-trendy outfit. Her eye for fashion is definitely much better than mine when I was her age. How awesome would it have been to have an older sister...

Trying on these boots to see if I would want to buy them (and I ended up purchasing them, as seen in my last haul).

Waiting for the father to pick up food for the football game.

While the dads went crazy over the game, the girls played hair salon with my sister as the stylist.

The bestie and me taking a not-so-original-cliche mirror shot after seeing my sister and her friend take one.

All of us ended up trying on impossible heels that we would never buy (maybe for quite a long time). 

Of course there was an impromptu catwalk/photoshoot. We must have made a ruckus during the closing hours of the store. My sister and me in a glamorous pose with, of course, matching heels. She just so happened to wear matching pink socks with the heels she had on.

Her obsession is just so unhealthy.

Gotta keep the classics alive. Love my Disney princesses!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Football Game

Top: Kohls
Skirt: Forever 21
random leggings
Black knee high boots: Forever 21
Argyle socks: Bass
Parka: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil
hair: courtesy of sister

Literally threw this together right after my shower. It was the day that football enthusiasts were excited about, whether the 49ers would be eligible to go to the Superbowl or not. Today was a small family friends gathering to hang out and watch the game, while the moms and kids did each other's hair and chatted. 

I had to pick up food with my dad. Since he pre-ordered and the game would start soon he was rushing me to get out the door. I had no idea what to wear and wanted to just dress comfortably and casually. Suddenly, the idea to wear my pleated skirt that day came to mind. I then wanted to just tuck in a top and keep myself warm with leggings. The moms that came in commented how my outfit reminded me of their high school days back in the Philippines. Brought out the inner school girl in me. 

Haul: Forever 21's and Charlotte Russe

Forever 21: boots, black dress, fuschia top, navy skirt, anorak
Charlotte Russe: bandeaus, pink skirt, printed skirt

Had a family day yesterday at my favorite buffet and walked it all off while shopping together. I was supposed to restrain myself and did a good job in the first store I went into, but after I stepped into Forever 21 and saw the 50%-off-clearance sale was still going on, there was no going back.

We visited a different mall we rarely go to, so this Forever 21 is smaller than our local one and much more organized. The clearance section was smaller, but there were a lot of pieces I never saw in my local stores. There were still plenty of jaw-dropping prices that were too good to part from. I grabbed so many, but needed my sister to weed out the ones she knew I would never wear. What I was left holding with was a long sleeves black dress, fuschia spaghetti strap top, and a navy pleated skirt. 

After walking a bit in that mall, we decided to head over to one of our local malls. We ended up in Charlotte Russe and wanted to check out their sale. They surprisingly had several potential pieces to pick up, such as $5 high-low skirts, $3 skirts, $10 dresses, among others. Decided to try on some fun, brightly colored circle skirts, high-low skirts, and bandeaus. I thought I would finally get myself a high-low skirt, but ended up falling in love with the way the circle skirts fell on me. The high-low skirts looked too trendy on me and seemed like they would be outdated very shortly. The circle skirts have great potential in being mixed and matched with several things to continue to be circulated in my wardrobe throughout the seasons. 

We then headed over to another Forever 21 and were curious to see what their clearance section had in store. There was a bigger shoe selection and my mother and sister helped me find my own pair of faux leather knee high boots (now I don't have to borrow my sister's pair). As I waited in line to pay for these shoes, my sister browses through some clearance clothes and excitedly pulls out a forest green coat. In those first few milliseconds, I catch this in the corner of my eye and I become as excited. I tell her to rush over a coat to me so I could try it on, and from then ensues an exhilarated moment between us. I finally found an anorak after letting go of a potential one from H&M last winter, but it was too big on me. My sister was only able to find size large here in Forever 21, but when I tried it on, the slightly loose fit just worked. I made sure to hold on to it because I knew I would not be able to find another one for that great of a price. Total that day was under $50. I usually love my sister, but I hate her when she coaxes me into buying so many clothes, then I love her when she helps me find items I have been searching for a while. Yes, we have a complicated relationship. Thanks to her, my winter wardrobe finally feels complete.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Top: Charlotte Russe
Sweater vest: vintage
Pants: Bayo
Shoes: Nine West
Socks: Cotton On
Necklace: Macy's
Rings: Macy's

TGIF and thank goodness for the random sunny weather that came out of no where. Well, the random change in temperature allows me to take advantage and dress up like it was already spring! Like the pop of mint with my lace socks from Cotton On?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boys Uniform

Oxford: Old Navy
Jeans: Pac Sun
random maroon sweater
Boots: Madden Girl
Watch: Fossil
Knee high socks: Cotton On

Finally found myself a classic white oxford. What's great about is that you can take a basic piece like this and pair it up with anything and everything to give yourself countless looks, from casual to dressy, preppy to punk. Also, don't limit yourself to the teens or women's section of the store and don't be ashamed of heading straight to the clearance section way in the back (because I know I'm not). Found this top in the clearance section mixed up with all sorts of clothes for both genders and all ages. Saw that it was a school uniform shirt on the tag, and when I tried it on in the dressing room, I figured it was for boys since it was a loose fit. However, I wanted a loose-fitting oxford anyway and knew I could make it work by just rolling up the sleeves or tucking it in. I mean, no one is going to stare your shirt down and notice it's for boys, so be open when shopping.

Decided to go casual-preppy today, keeping true to my role as a student here in college. Layered up with a maroon crew-neck and toughened up the look with a pair of my trust Madden Girl combat boots.  However, I am saving up for some trusty, classic Doc Martens (still deciding between the classic black or cherry red)!