Monday, June 22, 2015

Golden Hour

June 19, 2015
Photo Credits: E.M.
Photo credits: E.M.
Since the craziness of school finally ended and I had a week of summer vacation before summer classes, I decided to host a small, intimate belated birthday celebration with my childhood friends. I wanted it to have a comforting, warm, friendly vibe to it, from the decor to the food to the activities. I think I actually liked planning everything out and making sure my guests enjoyed every moment. I've learned I hate having attention drawn to me, which is why I never had the fancy cotillion, or debut that Filipinas have when they turn eighteen (that, and the cost was not something I wanted to think about). However, something low-key and intimate like a slumber party with a handful of childhood friends who I consider like sisters is something I much prefer. And I'm so glad everything went well, and even better than I expected. At this "milestone" (although I don't feel much different), I just want to make sure I'm improving myself as a community leader, mentor, older sister, daughter, friend and person everyday, working hard to remain empathetic and sensitive in everything I say and do. (And of course, thank you Mommy and Daddy for helping me put this small celebration together, and to my sister for putting up with me <3).

~And with that, a perfectly smooth segue into the photo shoot!~

Cut Outs

June 14, 2015
Photo credits: M.M.
Yet another hangout with the high school group, a great way for my summer to start off. It was wonderful to catch up and see how far we've come already and what we've accomplished. It's scary to know that our future is in our grasp, but it also excites me to know such hardworking, passionate people who inspire me in all they do to achieve their dreams. And of course, it wouldn't be a Trio Plus hangout without a mini photoshoot.

Never Forget Your Story

May 15, 2015
Photo credits: B.L.
Finally had a reason to wear this "'70's/Bohemian/Coachella-esque" dress. This was at the end of the year banquet of one of the Filipino-American organizations I am a part of, and it was a great night of celebrating the org's achievements and all the events they successfully put together, laughter, and spending time with friends and fellow hard working community leaders. 

Open Skies

April 5, 2015
Photo credits: A.B.
Despite a busy schedule, I took time out to go home for Easter and spend time with family. It was definitely needed, because sometimes I get so caught up in the chaos of all the things I do, that I forget how wonderful and comforting it is to be in the comfort of my own home with my family. I am definitely blessed to have them, but I definitely am aware that not all families are the conventional "one father, one mother, and a sibling" - whoever you can call your family, whether it's your grandparents, aunts, siblings, or friends, hold on to them. 

Now, the outfit! I kept it simple and classic. The comfort was there with my overalls, but to "chic it up", I threw on an oversized white blazer, creating a cool, retro, almost high fashion, vibe. 

Fear Not, Madame B

March 28, 2015
Photo credits: M.M.
Spending time with my old high school bunch is a rare thing, but always a fun time full of good food, catching up, and mini photoshoots. This time around some of us met up to support out friend, my "hubby/bae for lyfe", at a play he was performing in, called Madame Butterfly. It was absolutely everything I believe in, and I can honestly say I was angry, empowered, upset, sad, happy, and shocked throughout the whole performance. Brilliant performers and a moving story that has issues relevant today. I definitely recommend looking into the story of Madame Butterfly

Onward to the outfit! Thanks to my friend who is currently studying Animation, I was able to get some great outfit shots around the city. Read on to see what I mean.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spring Fever

March 22, 2015
Photo credits: A.B.
During spring break this year, I was blessed to spend time with family and stroll around during a beautiful spring day. Plus, it was finally time to take these heels out for a spin, after sitting in my closet for a while with no where to go.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bliss, XO: Comfort Levels

March 13, 2015
Photo shoot Collab Part 2
Miguel and I had just enough time to squeeze in one more outfit to photograph. My shots ended up being real dark, but thanks to the magic of Photoshop, you all can see what my outfit actually looked like (and not hidden by the darkness). There was no particular theme for this second outfit, but more on something that is comfortable (I suppose the opposite of part one of this photo shoot)? Read on for more details on this outfit!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bliss, XO: Biggest Fear

March 13, 2015
Photo shoot Collab Part 1
With the summer season means more time to blog! I have plenty of fashion posts I've been meaning to share with you all, but this year has been especially busy. Not to worry, they will be published soon, so stay tuned!