Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Color Me Nude

Cropped top: H&M
Jeans: PacSun
Cheetah printed belt: Forever21
Necklace (gifted): Juicy Couture

I'm behind on posting! I have several photos to add here, so watch out for those soon! This outfit was a couple days ago, so still wearing summer clothing here! 

This week has been crazy...midterms have been keeping me up late at night. Last one is tomorrow, so no crazy fun Halloween events for me this year! Just excited that after Halloween it will be holiday season. Weather has not been very consistent here! Just yesterday it was warm and sunny that I was sweating while walking to classes. But today (seems like it happens every Halloween) was just super cloudy and windy, I needed my knits and scarves! Will post up more winter 'fits soon!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cheetah Printed Blues

Black Unitard: Forever 21
Cami: Forever 21
Cheetah overalls: Forever 21
Gladiator sandals (not shown): Nordstrom

Weather did a 180 and is now back to reaching temperatures of 80 to 90 degrees Farenheit! Looks like my winter wardrobe has to be held off for a little while longer! Anyway, decided to keep it casual and cute for this Friday night of exploring outside the campus.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love is Hard

Top: H&M
Tank top: Papaya
Jeans: Pac Sun
Necklace(gifted): Juicy couture

Threw on a sweater because I had an early class, and it was freezing! Looks like it's time to put away my short sleeves and shorts, and to officially bring out the winter wardrobe. Just saw a cloud of dust blow past my window because of the wind! Kept the outfit simple and chill on this two-classes-for-me day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Top: H&M
Pink cami: Forever 21
Body con indigo skirt: Cotton On
Gladiator sandals (not shown): Nordstrom
Leather messenger bag (not shown): Fossil
Necklace (gift): Juicy Couture

Played up my proportions today; skin tight on the bottom while flowy and loose up top. The weather has definitely been improving around here. The sun isn't scorching my skin so there is no need to slather on layers of sunblock. Excited for the cooler weather coming this way! Look out for how I style up my sweaters and collection of scarves!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Golden Accent

Top: Cotton On
Cami: Forever 21
Black slouchy-cinch pants: Bayo (Philippines)
Gladiator Sandals (not shown): Nordstrom

Got back from my early morning class, now enjoying the serenity in being alone in the dorm's study lounge. Waiting for my next and last class of the day! Just can't wait for the end of Friday to enjoy that long weekend. Enjoying the fast paced college life so far. Loving the diversity of people, culture, and especially style. It makes me wonder how I'll change as a person in the next four years with the amazing classes I'll take and the awesome people I'll befriend. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Slightly High Low

High Low Dress: Cotton On
Belt: Love Culture
Circle sunglasses: H&M
Gladiator sandals (not shown): Nordstrom

Sorry for the bad webcam quality! I promise I will bring my better camera to school when I go back home! I WILL post nicer pictures, but for now, please bear with me. Decided to dress it up today since I only had one class. Kept it easy breezy. Very simple, basic dress so cinched it with a belt.

Summer Heat

Top: Mango
Green denim shorts: Cotton On
Pink sneakers (not shown): Forever 21

Another day of college, another day for an outfit. Decided to stick with the shorts, as it reaches close to one hundred degrees here during midday. Kept it super simple by pairing these shorts with a gray 3/4 sleeve top and sneakers.

I Heart LA

Shirt: Street stall in L.A.
Pants: Levi's
Belt: gifted (Philippines)
Studded flats: (not shown) Nine West

Back home for the weekend and decided to dress it up more than I usually do for school. Finally able to wear pants in this colder weather at home. Paired this outfit with some lookalike hellraisers from Nine West.