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Joyous Journeys: Philippines Day 3

July 10, 2014
Food, food, and more food. Exactly what kind? Click to find out (and yes, finally Filipino food galore). 

On our third day there, we were scheduled to have lunch with my dad's side of the family. We woke up  early enough to catch some breakfast before traveling to meet them. We passed through the nearby church before choosing where to eat breakfast.  
Yes, I had soy milk before heading out for our late breakfast. I woke up and saw my mom and sister came back with some small breakfast snacks because they knew we would take at least an hour or two before we actually headed out. 
We settled on a cute, and still not busy, little restaurant aptly named "Simple Lang" in Tagalog, roughly meaning "It's Simple".
We finally headed over to my dad's side of the family and explored their renovations on their newly built third floor. It was surreal because as a child, this was a home that was a constant to me and that made up most of my memories from the Philippines. Now there were quite a lot of changes, but change was for the better. It was great and quite impressive to see all their handiwork coming to fruition. I'm definitely excited to see the completed home the next time I visit (which I hope is soon)!
After our visit with family, it was time to head off to Greenhills, a place filled with rows upon rows of small shops filled with affordable prices, but only made affordable if you have a sharp tongue and can make bargains with the sellers. It's always entertaining to watch the negotiations take place. My sister and I were going hysterical when we saw one seller just attack my mom, after she made the mistake of asking about an "LV" purse, because the seller was all up in her face, even proving to her that it was fire-resistant by gliding a lit lighter along the bag's surface! Right then and there my sister and I were quite convinced and would have got it ourselves, even while knowing that it was a fake Louis Vuitton. As we walked away, we heard the price drop down dramatically as the seller was desperately trying to reel us in, even throwing in a free matching wallet. Oh the things people do to sell their products in there- it's wild, but I definitely commend them all for putting up hours of no sales, and only going home with a few sales from the day just to support their families or just survive. 
After some time spent perusing the stalls, it was time to get some grub (it was unfortunate for us, especially my sister, that day, because most of the stalls were closed since the vendors were reapplying their licenses at the time…but lucky for my sister because we ended up going back two more times!)
This must have been my favorite burger in a while; the patty was juicy, and the flavors of the anchovies, unexpected egg, and sauce was just the right amount of YUM. And the bread was not the typical American hamburger bun, but more Filipino style, almost pandesal-like (meaning it was more of a sweet bread). I WANT MORE. 
Yes, Jamba Juice two days in a row. Just 'cause.
Quick dinner after bumping into my cousin V at the mall, and seeing my Tito F with my dad. Anything after that was a blur. Pictures right now are my only memory booster, and they are quite nostalgia inducing.

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