Friday, September 12, 2014

Joyous Journeys: Philippines Day 5-6

July 12-13, 2014
I made it a goal to visit the hospital I was born in. Mission accomplished. It was quite surreal and the closest I could come to time traveling. It was as if I hopped into a Delorean and was walking through the halls in which my father walked through to get to the Newborn Services Unit to peer into the windows to see my newly born face. It was such a shame when we found out the doctor that birthed me passed away only a few years ago. I wanted to visit the last time we arrived in 2011, but unfortunately I only was able to get around to the church my parents got married in. It was an amazing experience nonetheless. These kinds of trips, along with road trips to provinces, are what I prefer over mall-hopping from clones of glamorous buildings filled with foreign stores (which we ended up doing later that day). However, we also got to travel with my dad's side of the family to a province for an overnight private pool party. 

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Photo credits: E.B.
Went to SM Aura for lunch and to check out this new branch of SM.
July 12, 2014 evening
We were all packed and ready to enjoy night swimming at our planned destination at a certain small resort. We ended up staying for probably an hour, after some commotion and fuss over the facilities not up to par to what we were expecting, so we left the gorgeously lit resort in search of another place to stay. Fortunately it probably took less than an hour and we only had to pass over one resort to find the one. Well, one we could all agree on and I must say, things worked out for the best. 

The one we ended up staying at was a private home so we had the place and pools to ourselves! It was like those homes on those Filipino teleseryes: huge and open with pools and a large gate at the front. It was quite an experience, and it was as if we had a pool house for the moment.

It was a lovely weekend (albeit, exceptionally hot and humid those two days) for my dad to bond and catch up with his family, and for me to spend some quality time with them and just have fun by the pool. 
 Photo credits: E.B.
 Photo credits: E.B.
My ruggedly handsome grandpa, whom I get my looks from.
And my chill, exuberant, and feisty of a grandma.
Freshly made taho (silken tofu, tapioca pearls, brown sugary syrup mixture) early in the morning? Best way to start the day. Nothing beats street-sold taho. NOTHING.
Sometimes the most simple breakfasts taste absolutely amazing on a hot, humid morning by the pool.
Photo credits: A.B.
Me recording my grandparents discussing how my dad was like as a child. Part of a personal project. Stay tuned...
We finally returned back to the condo we were staying at, after traveling from the province. We got a quick dinner at the food court at the nearby mall, then prepared ourselves to travel to Hong Kong the next day.

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