Monday, September 1, 2014

BrandBacker: Makeup by One Direction Giveaway

Honestly, when I first heard about the new One Direction makeup line, I was skeptical. I wondered, what could they possibly sell to their beloved teen-girl-majority-fan-base? Bright pink lipstick, crazy colored eyeliner, neon eyeshadows? However, when I got my sample in the mail, I was instantly surprised and impressed with the packaging and the contents. Read on to find out what's inside and how to enter a giveaway to win your own One Direction makeup...
The makeup kit is a tin box, with plastic cover of One Direction that you can slip off. Once opened, the inside cover has illustrations showing how one can use the products for different looks. 
I was quite impressed with what I saw within the kit: 
eyeliner/body pencil
eyeshadow palette
body stencils
nail polish

The colors of each product were all quite wearable for my taste, which I was surprised and pleased about. Definitely not what I expected. 
A black eyeliner is a makeup staple to create almost any eye look. Because it's chunkier, it could go on great as a smudged out eyeliner, for a more smokey look.
A red lipstick with any outfit can make the whole look much more put together and polished, which is why I love me some red lips. Black eyeliner AND red lips? The perfect smoking combo to look instantly glam.
The eyeshadow palette comes with nice subtle shades of champagne pink, silvers, gray, and a staple black, enough colors to create a rocker-esque look, perfect for going to a concert.
Another lip product was included within the kit, and it was a hot pink lip gloss. Apparently it glows under UV light, but haven't had the honor of testing that out. Imagine what that would look like...
After eyeliner, mascara is another staple eye makeup product to have in your makeup arsenal. After curling your lashes, brush on some mascara and draw on eyeliner, and your eyes just pop and you look instantly dressed up!

Last but not least is probably my favorite part of the kit. There were stencils, which I assumed you can use the eyeliner/body pencil to draw with, as well as the gunmetal nail polish. I actually don't have a color like this in my polish collection, so I was excited to see this in the kit! It goes on quite smoothly, and has a great sheen to it in the sunlight. Definitely a great color for all seasons, and the perfect color to go with a rocker makeup look, fit for any One Direction/music loving fan.

If you are interested to pick up your own kit, they will be available in Macy's soon!

Giveaway Details: To enter the giveaway you can enter your email, like the FB page, & post to Twitter. Additional entries can be earned by referring friends, pinning on pinterest, or liking the Twitter page. The more entries the higher the chance of winning.

Giveaway online entry form:

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