Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Joyous Journeys: Hong Kong Day 2

July 15, 2014
My view as I had my first breakfast in HK on the nineteenth floor. This second day consisted of a tour then our own self-guided tour around the city. Read on to travel back in time with me as I roamed around HK for a second day.
Fortunately for us, our hotel package came with free breakfast during our stay! We made sure to stuff ourselves so we wouldn't have to pay for food until dinner hehehe.
A little peek of the tour bus. Surprisingly, our tour was quite entertaining and informative, thanks to our humorous and good-natured tour guide. 
The view of Victoria Harbor from our tour bus.
A piece of Victoria Harbor's Avenue of the Stars.
Fantasizing about being a Creative Director. 
The colorful underground halls that lead to different train stations. 
Wishing we had time to enter the Hong Kong Museum of Art.
Tried the much-talked about Tim Ho Wan (and fortunately for us, there was no line for take-out). So we tried the sweet pork buns, recommended to us!
The Ladies Night Market was amusing and entertaining, hearing how desperate the vendors are when the drastically lower their prices as you walk away.
Pretending I'm Scarlett Johanssen in Lost in Translation. But the view really was great, especially at night.

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