Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All's Fair in Living Life

June 28, 2014
Photo credits: E.M.
It was the first time for me to attend a huge county fair (my church has its annual festival for charity, but it's much more intimate and the same local people attend every year). It was great to be let loose and run around with some of the childhood friends while the parents rested up and chatted around their overpriced festival food. Read on to see what we ended up doing the rest of the day...

Photo credits: L.P.
Photo credits: A.B.
Top: Hollister || Shorts: thrifted/DIY || Cardigan: H&M || Converse: borrowed from sister
Photo credits: A.B.
Photo credits: A.B.
SHELDON. (Yes, I'm a The Big Bang Theory dork). 
Photo credits: A.B.
Chili mango lollipop! Love me some spices.
And that was the end of the night. The fair and I parted ways. Until (hopefully) next year~
We actually ended up hanging out more after a full day of the county fair (the parents got hungry-- midnight snack! well more like late dinner). 

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