Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joyous Journeys: Philippines Day 4

July 11, 2014
We visited my dad's side of the family the next day for brunch, and they all chatted and caught up over the lost years we have not seen each other. 

We headed back to Manila and had to meet with my friend's grandparents to hand them some "pasalubong" or goodies/souvenirs from America that my friend's parents prepared. After all that business was done, we just browsed through the nearby mall before meeting with my Tita B while she was in the area and try on the bridesmaid dresses for her daughter's (my Ate A's) upcoming wedding. While we were all together, we stopped by to get some quick dinner (figuring out where to eat probably took longer than the time it took for us to actually finish our food…). And from my memory, that was that for the day.
The skirt was a Topshop bargain <3

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  1. That picture of your dad is so interesting! I know for me, it's amazing to see where my parents grew up (as they grew up on the other side of the world)! My parents always get so excited and happy when reminiscing. Love your pictures, looks like the Philippines is gorgeous x

    Sunaina ❃