Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joyous Journeys: Philippines Day 2

July 9, 2014
Photo credits: A.L.
Top: Aeropostale || Cardigan: H&M || Shorts: thrifted/DIY || Purse: Fossil (Mom's)

Read on to find out why my photo turned grayscale...
Photo credits: A.L.

This second day was dedicated to the salon, a couple malls, and catching up with my godmother, Ninang G. I decided to keep my hair simply the same because I didn't want anything too crazy before my cousin's wedding. So, while my mom and sister were getting all glammed up, my older cousin, Kuya A, and I started playing around with my camera (lucky for me, he knows a thing or two about photography). Thus, an impromptu photo shoot in the luxurious hotel we were at (notice the black and white photos? all thanks to playing with the camera settings). 
Photo credits: A.L.
Before the salon trip, we scoured all over the mall to find that noodle place my mom loved back in 2011. Unfortunately it was either gone or being renovated (I don't remember which), so we settled on this restaurant. We still got our ramen, and everything was delicious.
Impressed that my usual Mango A Go Go still tastes the same thousands of miles away. 
I'm still greatly impressed with the malls in the Philippines. They are so grand, tall, huge, and gorgeous to look at (and also a great escape from the humidity). However, most of the time I think they are too extravagant and should really spend all those expenses towards more meaningful projects, such as improving the traffic systems or rebuilding homes affected by the typhoon. Of course, who am I to say where money should be used. I'm just a rambling blogger, here to just discuss my travels...

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