Thursday, November 1, 2012

Color Blocked

Neon Basic Tee: Old Navy
Striped Cotton Maxi Skirt: Forever 21
Gladiator sandals (not shown): Nordstrom
Brown waist belt (added later): Forever 21

Decided to try out the color-blocking trend way after it came to be popular. Pictured this outfit in my head the night before, and it came out better than I imagined! It's a great way to wear a bright neon color and patterns without going overboard on both. The plain, but bold color on top balances out the pattern on the bottom. I added on a brown waist belt to further break up the neon and the skirt.

Weather seriously is odd out here. I told you guys yesterday how it was bipolar and cloudy now? Well it's sunny and hot here once again! Hmmm, when will I be able to wear my winter wardrobe consistently? Well this outfit was taken several days ago, so I am slowly updating you guys with my past outfits of last week!

I'm still a fairly new blogger, but thank you to those who constantly follow me and my tumblr! It's great to see people viewing from all over the world as well! From Russia, to Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, and of course U.S.A.! I encourage you guys to post comments of what you think of my outfits, ramblings of my daily life, or your thoughts on the latest fashion trends (but of course, please be courteous and respectful with your comments)!

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