Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creme Sweaters and Sparkly Knits

Sweater: Old Navy
Circle Scarf: New York & Company
Jeans: Old Navy
Fur boots: Macy's
Coat: Ross

Great day to wear knits...but again super warm out when I dress super warmly. There's no point in checking the hourly weather anymore. So not reliable. Anyway, I haven't revealed this yet but I have been in a choir group at school for a few weeks now. I haven't been in choir since 3rd and 5th grade, and I definitely miss it. Taking piano lessons when I was younger definitely helps in giving me a basic idea of how to read the music sheets. I absolutely love the Filipino-American community here as well. Definitely not what I was expecting, but everyone is genuinely kind, caring, and friendly here. Not at all fake. And I am so glad I decided to take part in the Big Sib Lil Sib program. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get along with who I would get randomly paired with, but my big sib is so friendly and easy to get along with! He definitely makes me feel at home and always makes sure I get on my bike safely after choir practice! I hope to be able to create long lasting friendships, because the family I see in this Fil-Am community is so close knit and strong. Anyway, I definitely want to make this college experience worth while.

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