Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hidden Bow

Fuchsia cable knit sweater (gifted): Old Navy
Coat: Ross
Scarf (gifted): Old Navy
Jeans: Forever 21
Fur boots (not shown): White Mountain

Went home this Veterans' Day Weekend and enjoyed the presence of old friends. It was fun practicing for my friend's cotillion performance, even in this November cold. It was freezing at night, so I dressed myself super warmly for class. But of course, it wasn't THAT cold and I could have done without the huge scarf and fur boots...but whatever, at least I was prepared! I wish I could have posted what I wore during the weekend, but I was so busy I forgot and just went straight to bed. So here is today's fall/winter outfit. When figuring out what to wear, remember to not get so hung up about "what's new" and "what's trendy". This outfit is pretty much a whole bunch of bargains I bought (at separate times of course). The sweater and scarf were past Christmas gifts, the jeans were on the clearance rack, my boots were on a pre-Christmas sale, and my coat was from Ross...enough said (but don't look down on Ross, I mean this coat is actually of great material and has the cutest little bow detail at the bottom button)! It is all about keeping an eye out for what is true to your style and not settling down on expensive items. Just keep searching...who knows, your to-go-to coat or favorite pair of boots may be waiting at the next store down!

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