Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last Day for Shorts and Tanks

Sheer gray high-low blouse: Forever 21
Green knit sweater: Old Navy
Black jeggings: PacSun
Gladiator sandals (not shown): Nordstrom
Messenger bag (not shown): Fossil

Decided to take out my sheer tank one last time before I get fully immersed in my winter wardrobe for the season. Yesterday (which was when I took these outfit pics) was supposed the be the last day of warm weather before fall/winter weather hit. I've been switching from shorts to pants, from tanks to knits, from sunglasses to scarves...let's hope it really is sweater weather so I can finally store my shorts away and bring more coats. However, remember to stay creative with your summer wardrobe, because you can still incorporate many pieces into winter outfits and save yourself some money. From a summer outfit (above), I quickly transformed this outfit so I could wear it in the colder months by just throwing on a flattering sweater/cardigan. I could easily have added a scarf, a beanie, or another coat on top of this if I was preparing myself for an even colder day. Just stay creative with all your pieces; don't be hindered by the words "summer wardrobe" and "winter wardrobe". 

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