Sunday, February 3, 2013


Last year, I discovered the ninety-nine cent sweater sale but was disheartened when I saw it was on a Friday and I probably was busy that day. Finally after a year, I received an email that the sale came back. I was so ecstatic and at the same time disappointed. Since I'm in college, I have no ride so I have to depend on hitching rides from friends. I decided to invite a friend and thought it would be a great way to bond over an awesome sale that comes just once a year. 

When we finally arrived, I was quite impressed. I've only been to one other Thrift Town almost exactly a year before near my hometown, and that was my first time thrifting. It was a good experience for a first timer, so I was excited to be coming back to Thrift Town on a super clearance sale day.

As you can see, it was an eventful, productive, and successful thrift day. After not thrifting for a year, I obviously had some withdrawals. We both spent about two hours in there, sifting through piles of sweaters and racks of clothes, trying them on, and weeding out the damaged pieces.   

When we first entered, we noticed a small table of a pile of sweaters. We felt a bit disappointed, but then again we expected a small variety at that time. We left after we were done with classes and her work, so we got there at almost seven at night. After probably about thirty minutes of walking around and searching through other racks of clothing, I decided to go downstairs and noticed that there were tables and tables of sweaters galore. From there, I went crazy picking up every sweater that had potential. I would weed them out after trying them on and checking for stains or rips.

My friend and I were both pretty much set on our final pieces, so we found a small dresser to place our findings while we inspected them for the last time. I had to make space on the dresser because there was a pile of "stuff", but one of those items was a purse I ended up taking for myself. I was eyeing it when I was clearing the dresser, and placed it near me for later inspection.

I showed my friend, and she absolutely loved it. She thought it was perfect for school to place my notebooks and when I flipped the top flap, we both fell in love with the pocket detailing for pens and other school supplies.

I was hesitant to buy it, because I had a few other items I was planning on buying. After thinking about it for a minute, I decided to replace three items I was planning on buying with this amazing find. It was as if it was waiting for me. No rips, tears, stains, missing pieces. When I walked over to the cashier and placed my items on the counter, she picked up the bag and fell in love as well. She exclaimed, "Well, hellooo cuteness! This looks so clean!" Absolutely loved the service and cashier at this local Thrift Town and can't wait to go back. 

Dark navy sweater (Coldwater Creek): $0.99
Dusty blue sweater (Ashworth): $0.99
Gold cardigan (Nilani): $0.99
Khaki blazer (J Crew): $2.99
Faux leather purse: $4.99

Total spent: $11.83

When we were driving back, we started getting hungry after all that shopping. Decided to stop by a small, yet cozy little Italian-esque restaurant. Great way to end the night of treasure hunting with delicious food and good company.

Rostini Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette
Half a Chicken Pesto Sandwich

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