Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Misty Mornings

Oatmeal colored sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Kohls
Knit gray circle scarf: gifted
Trapper hat: Forever 21

Looked out the window this morning to be surprised with mist covering most of the buildings. Went outside prepared with my new (Black Friday purchased) trapper hat from Forever 21. Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to do the whole Black Friday thing, but just went with family without any intention of purchasing anything. Forever 21 was the last store for the night, and I just so happened to find a hat in the random accessories pile of the clearance section. Clearance items were 50% off and the hat was already only $5.99, so ended up getting a $3 hat when I was planning to get a more expensive hat to keep me warm in school. A great example of patience and serendipity when it comes to shopping!

Finals week this week, and my first (and toughest) final is tomorrow in the afternoon. I end Friday, so won't be starting vacation until Friday night. One of my roommates just left today because her last final finished earlier this afternoon, so now she can start vacation a few days before the rest of us! Oh well, tough life of a college student. Anyway, to brighten up my week I was finally able to hang one on one with my Big Sib this morning. We had breakfast together, then walked over to a study lounge (got "kicked out" because there was going to be an event and they had to set up, so we ended up back in my dorm's study lounge), then de-stressed by strolling through the arboretum. It was a great way to just bond and get to know my Big Sib more, and he also gave me some advice for the life off campus since he is a third year. Hopefully we can hang out again after my last final, right before we leave for vacation. Definitely a nice, relaxing way to spend my time before my first final. 

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