Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Shopping

Sweater: Old Navy
Knit chunky cardigan: Ross
Zipper jeans: Forever 21
Pink sneakers (not shown): Forever 21

Planned a hang out day with one of my "unofficial Big Sibs" today! I'm pretty sure we are the only MK Choir members close enough (location-wise) to each other to meet up at a local mall. It was really nice to just spend a day being a girl and chat about the typical girl stuff: boys, friends, clothes, music... I haven't been able to do that, probably since middle school. Being able to just chat about the trivial was fun, and was able to even get back into hearing some "juicy rom-com gossip".  

Since I was shopping without the family this morning, I was able to shop for my parents and sister without worrying if they would catch me buying their gifts. Didn't want to post up pics of their gifts to keep them top secret until Christmas day!

Since my sister's school is still in session, she wanted me to shop for a few more of her friends. Since I had an online gift card to H&M from my room mate (thanks E!) I decided to check it out. I found some cute rings with great looking stones for great prices. Plus, all jewelry were on a buy-one-get-one-free sale. I also got one of her friends a beanie out of the stark selection they had at the moment (it seemed like they wanted to get rid of all they had before they pulled out anymore from inventory). I thought I would be buying the beanie for three dollars, but when I was rung up, I only needed to pay $1.08 (already including tax)! Makes me remember why I love holiday shopping.

For myself, I grabbed some warm mittens for those nights I would be biking in college. I found out the hard way that your fingers become icicles when exposed on your handlebars in the cold air, and on top of that, the cold wind rushing over your fingers as you bike quickly. 

Less than a week before our annual family-friends Christmas party! Still not sure what to wear. Go fancy and elegant, or formal and clean-cut? What will you guys be donning this Christmas Eve?

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