Thursday, December 13, 2012

I.B.O.T.M. Yanin Namasonthi



Inspirational Blogger of the Moment

Why her?

Yanin Namasonthi may be young, but her raw fashion sense and unique style has garnered her fans on tumblr as well as blogspot. When I stumbled upon her tumblr last year, I was drawn in by her simplicity yet sense of elegance. Her maturity and poise at the tender age of eighteen impressed me and made me believe she would be going somewhere in the fashion industry. I always look forward to her sleek, funky, or charming outfit posts and am always inspired to push myself to dress out of my comfort zone and just experiment.

Name: Yanin Namasonthi
Nickname(s): Baitong, Bee & Prettysickly
Other sites: 
Age: 18
Job: I work for myself, mostly designing 
and promoting
Country: England

1. What made you decide to showcase your love of fashion with the rest of the world by creating a fashion blog?
It actually started out as an online scrap book of my outfits to help me choose what to wear for school and events I had to go to cause I had no time and was always in a rush to go to school in the morning.

2. Who are your main fashion influences/role models?
Yoon from AMBUSH designs and Jesse Jo Stark

3. Any tips or advice on becoming a fashionista without breaking the bank?

Charity shops and ebay will or should become your bestfriend. You'll find incredible pieces at low prices on/in there!

4. Any advice on those starting out their blogging careers?

Just make your blog personal and showcase all the things you are great at. Dont let others influence you.

5. What are your favorite go-to beauty products?
Hmmm.... probably any MAC lipstick and bronzer.

6. What are you future goals, dreams, and aspirations, whether fashion-related or not?

Well I want to do a lot of things before I get married. Travel the world, do some kick ass project work and collaborations with other designers or bloggers, learn how to DJ and throw 
awesome parties for charity.

7. Thoughts on the importance of being educated as well as being fashionable? Can only be one or the other? Important to be both?

  I mean to everyone they would say education i the most important thing. To me, its how you learn and everyone has a different way. I just dropped out of college cause I wasnt learning what I wanted to learn and it was restricting my creativity and I would always be going to fashion events and shoots and learning what really interested me. It was something college wasn't giving me. I think if you can balance education with being fashionable thats great, but for me, it wasn't the case.

8. Message to your followers?
Stay positive and express yourself as much as possible. Life is short, live it loud.

9. Where do you usually go to shop for clothes, accessories, purses, shoes, etc?
I mostly do everything online now, so ebay, urban outfitters or ZARA are my main squeeze ;)

10. Please describe your style.

Its been through alot but now I've settled on minimal, modern and simple.


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