Monday, July 13, 2015

Bliss, XO: Unapologetic

July 8, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Bagsit
Be unapologetic and unashamed.

This summer I am excited for future collaborations. Recently, I've been working with a friend and fellow fashion enthusiast, Miguel of, who has a segment on his blog called the XO Series. We've collaborated a few times, but we finally nicknamed our collab series while planning our latest photoshoot, and our series name is...Bliss, XONo doubt, you'll be seeing more of our photoshoots this summer! 

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Find out what this photoshoot was about my clicking to read more!

During the few days it took us to plan and figure out this photoshoot, we were inspired by the words unapologetic and unashamed. To me, those words meant to dress up boldly, disregarding potential judgement. I used to dress with this mentality in mind, but I suppose I lost it within the past year. Probably because I was trying out my hand at the minimalist, casual look this (which worked with my laziness, and in turn, this associated with lack or absence of makeup as well, despite my constant use of lipstick the year before). However, I want to get back to the times when I dressed in loud colors and crazy silhouettes, paired with bold lips and maybe even a touch of eyeshadow. I also was a huge fanatic about layering different pieces together, to create a whole new look. Lately, I've been lazy and uninspired to do so. But for this photoshoot, I looked at what I had left in my closet (as I brought home most of my clothes from my apartment). I wanted to use this black dress, but felt like it was missing something, that it needed to be spiced up. I then saw a lace top and unbuttoned it. I never unbutton this top, and always simply wore it as a blouse tucked into some high waisted shorts or jeans. But once placed over the dress, like a sleeveless cardigan/vest, I instantly saw potential outfits with this new use for this top. So dare to be inventive and play around with your pieces. You never know what new outfits you can come up with, with clothes already in your wardrobe.

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