Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bliss, XO: "Flanneling" my Inner Fashionista

July 14, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Raphael Bagsit
Shirt: American Apparel (thrifted) || Flannel and shorts: thrifted || Sandals: Birkenstock

During a late afternoon, Miguel and I decided to try our hands at a casual look for this particular rooftop photoshoot. I typically dress like this during the summer (sans flannel) because let's face it, a basic T-shirt, some trusty jean shorts, and a good sturdy pair of sandals is the staple outfit for a casual summer day (especially when you just want to be comfortable during your summer classes). So in attempts at making my daily outfit look somewhat more presentable and worthy of a blog post, I dressed it up with some eyeliner, dark lipstick and a funky high ponytail, tied with my trusty velvet blue scrunchie of course. 

Because this photoshoot was casual, I saw this as an opportunity to really explore the space we had and how I could present the outfit as more than a bumming-it-because-i'm-lazy outfit. If you read on, you can see me attempt to "class it up", in hopes to show that a simple shirt and shorts combo can be just the outfit you need for a quick, no-brainer look.

Me and my style soulmate had the rooftop to ourselves to play around with in our too-warm flannels. 

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