Monday, July 6, 2015

70's Babe

April 15, 2015
Photo credits: Vianca Natividad

Thanks to a mutual friend and pure happenstance, I was able to collaborate with an incredibly talented photographer, Vianca Natividad! She was friendly and great to work with, and as an amateur photographer myself, it was a nice change for someone else to pose me and actually know how to work the camera instead of me directing them. Typically I ask my sister or whoever else is available at the time, how to position my camera, and I have to constantly check if the photos are to my liking.

With Vianca, I just trusted her and let her take the photos, and directing me as she saw fit. And everything was amazing. Once I got these edited photos back (nothing major, just touchups and lighting), I was blown away by the quality of these shots! Vianca definitely has the skill and eye for photography. If you're looking for beautiful shots and a friendly photographer who knows what she is doing, feel free to contact her and check out her work! 

Vianca Natividad

Read the rest of the blog post to see more of her beautiful photos.

Top: PacSun || Pants: Greenhills (Philippines) || Sandals: Birkenstock || Necklace: festival

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