Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bliss, XO: New Beginnings

February 20, 2015
PC: M. B.
I've been on a personal creative inner struggle as of late (but when am I not, is the real question), and recently a friend and fellow fashion blogger has inspired and motivated me to take my fashion blog seriously once again. Through our fun fashion shoot and conversations, he reminded me why I first bravely blogged in the first place and why fashion is so important to me (more on this on my friend's fashion blog! The mini "interview"/Q&A will be on his blog which will premiere soon).

I hope to provide better content to my readers, as well as challenge myself creatively. I've had thousands of ideas and creative projects I've pondered over. With this reignited drive to better my blog, I'm excited as to what will come my way this year. And I hope you enjoy following my personal creative/style journey, as well as get inspired to do something, anything, for yourself.

Here's to new beginnings and exciting things to come. 

Read on to see what resulted in my first collaboration photo shoot with a dear friend (check out Miguel's blog over at ^_^

Top and cardigan: thrifted || Blanket scarf and Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Dr. Martens || Watch: Fossil

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