Monday, January 21, 2013

Football Game

Top: Kohls
Skirt: Forever 21
random leggings
Black knee high boots: Forever 21
Argyle socks: Bass
Parka: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil
hair: courtesy of sister

Literally threw this together right after my shower. It was the day that football enthusiasts were excited about, whether the 49ers would be eligible to go to the Superbowl or not. Today was a small family friends gathering to hang out and watch the game, while the moms and kids did each other's hair and chatted. 

I had to pick up food with my dad. Since he pre-ordered and the game would start soon he was rushing me to get out the door. I had no idea what to wear and wanted to just dress comfortably and casually. Suddenly, the idea to wear my pleated skirt that day came to mind. I then wanted to just tuck in a top and keep myself warm with leggings. The moms that came in commented how my outfit reminded me of their high school days back in the Philippines. Brought out the inner school girl in me. 

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