Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I.B.O.T.M. Laureen Uy

Inspirational Blogger of the Moment

Why her?

Laureen Uy is a designer-fashion-blogger-turned-actress. Laureen's fresh, bright, and ever-changing style has kept me coming back to her blog. I love the way she is so confident and experimental with her outfit choices. She is probably one of the main influencers who made me want to start wearing jewelry and became aware of how it can alter the look of an outfit. Laureen taught me that every part, every detail that goes into an outfit makes or breaks it and can give it a different look depending on what you change. Whether you go for a natural look, smokey eye, pop of color, studded jewelry, sneakers, or heels, an outfit can always be changed up or down. When she shares her travel expeditions as well as her moments in show business, it creates a deeper bond between her and her readers. She allows us to delve into her life, which shows us that she is more than what meets the eye.

Name: Laureen Uy
Job: Designer, Fashion Blogger, Actress
Country: Philippines

1. What made you decide to showcase your love of fashion with the rest of the world by creating a fashion blog?
It was actually a birthday gift for myself and also I wanted to have a visual diary so every if 5 years from now, I'd still get to see what I wore back then.

2. Who are your main fashion influences/role models?
- my mom and my sister

3. Any tips or advice on becoming a fashionista without breaking the bank?
- ukay ukay!

4. How has the experience of being an actress been?
-really good. it's another industry i'm now part of- and im lucky and blessed!

5. Any advice on those starting out their blogging careers?
- always be unique and never be lazy to post content

6. What are your favorite go-to beauty products?
- mac lipsticks

7. What can you say to those who are bullied and made fun of for having their own amazing, eccentric, and unique sense of style which is not understood by their peers?
- never let them get to you. the most eccentric people are the ones who make a change in the world.

8. What are you future goals, dreams, and aspirations, whether fashion-related or not?
- to learn how to play the violin and speak french

9. Thoughts on the importance of being educated as well as being fashionable? Can only be one or the other? Important to be both?
- how you dress is how you are. it reflects your personality as well, so it's very important.

10. For the youth of today who have lost their self esteem and confidence, either from physical appearances, financial reasons, academics, etc., what encouraging words do you have for them?
- never let anyone bring you down.

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