Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haul: Nordstrom Rack and Local Mall

Visited the family this weekend and decided to go out to Nordstrom Rack Saturday morning. I went in not expecting anything at all. I blindly followed my younger sister through the overpriced but beautiful shoes. Spent a good amount of time fantasizing over what pairs of shoes would look great with different outfits. 

Then we decided to check out the clothes to see if there were any bargains. We split up and I headed over to the bottoms section. I found potential pairs of pants, but still not good enough for me to actually want to buy them. Then I walked over to the shorts rack and saw some nice pairs of shorts for under ten dollars, so I plucked a few to bring into the fitting room. 

I tried a few that looked good on the rack, but of course they wouldn't look as great on. Last I tried on these faux leather shorts I just picked up to try on for fun, but lo and behold these were the ones. I was pretty surprised that they looked flattering on. Even my mom agreed that out of the ones I tried on, this pair was great. Definitely a keeper. Can't wait to dress these up (and down) during spring and summer.

My sister tried on a cute, baby blue, fitted dress, but unfortunately it wasn't the right size. I was satisfied with my faux leather shorts, so I went out of the fitting room with my sister and mom to look for another dress for my sister. 

I ended up spotting this bright, red-orange, lace peplum dress, and what made me head over to the fitting room was the price. I wasn't expecting it to fit nicely, but surprisingly it looked flattering on. 

My family was pretty much done shopping at this point, so we headed over to the check-out line (minus the sister who was still looking for something). She came back and found this sheer high-low top with wide slits on the side for under four dollars. My mother, the ever-so-excited woman that she is, asked eagerly if there were anything more in that price range. My sister said there was another one and quickly got me one exactly like hers.

Mother found two tank top blouses for under ten dollars each and Father found a golf tee to add to his collection. It was finally time for us to pay our bargains, and the bargains got even better at this point. My parents had three 10-dollar gift cards from a promotional shopping offer Nordstrom Rack had last month, along with a card with store credit after my mom returned an item. Thus, bringing down the family's total to... not even ten dollars. How shopping savvy and financially wise are my parents? I've learned from the best.

We headed over to our local mall to drop my mom off at work. After, we decided that the three of us would just walk around to see if there were still any stores trying to get ride of inventory...I mean having amazing clearance sales. 

My sister went into Wet Seal, so I just went in after her not expecting much. However, after heading to the back of the store we discovered all the sunglasses were on an amazing sale so I grabbed two and my sister got two for herself and two for friends. 

Our last stop that day was Forever 21 since my sister and I got a heads up in our emails that their clearance section would be half off. We went through countless racks of clothing, finding many potentials pieces to add to our wardrobes, but I wanted to think practically at this point and not get overwhelmed by the sale in there. I decided to stick with this knit ribbed sweater I saw a few weeks before, but purchased for a friend for Christmas. My sister also got a sweater, but in a thin fleece-type material in white, with the bottom half of both sleeves in black.

My total that day was under $35. Always love feeling that shopping high when I find amazing pieces for even more amazing prices. Never need to break the bank.

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