Monday, January 21, 2013

Haul: Forever 21's and Charlotte Russe

Forever 21: boots, black dress, fuschia top, navy skirt, anorak
Charlotte Russe: bandeaus, pink skirt, printed skirt

Had a family day yesterday at my favorite buffet and walked it all off while shopping together. I was supposed to restrain myself and did a good job in the first store I went into, but after I stepped into Forever 21 and saw the 50%-off-clearance sale was still going on, there was no going back.

We visited a different mall we rarely go to, so this Forever 21 is smaller than our local one and much more organized. The clearance section was smaller, but there were a lot of pieces I never saw in my local stores. There were still plenty of jaw-dropping prices that were too good to part from. I grabbed so many, but needed my sister to weed out the ones she knew I would never wear. What I was left holding with was a long sleeves black dress, fuschia spaghetti strap top, and a navy pleated skirt. 

After walking a bit in that mall, we decided to head over to one of our local malls. We ended up in Charlotte Russe and wanted to check out their sale. They surprisingly had several potential pieces to pick up, such as $5 high-low skirts, $3 skirts, $10 dresses, among others. Decided to try on some fun, brightly colored circle skirts, high-low skirts, and bandeaus. I thought I would finally get myself a high-low skirt, but ended up falling in love with the way the circle skirts fell on me. The high-low skirts looked too trendy on me and seemed like they would be outdated very shortly. The circle skirts have great potential in being mixed and matched with several things to continue to be circulated in my wardrobe throughout the seasons. 

We then headed over to another Forever 21 and were curious to see what their clearance section had in store. There was a bigger shoe selection and my mother and sister helped me find my own pair of faux leather knee high boots (now I don't have to borrow my sister's pair). As I waited in line to pay for these shoes, my sister browses through some clearance clothes and excitedly pulls out a forest green coat. In those first few milliseconds, I catch this in the corner of my eye and I become as excited. I tell her to rush over a coat to me so I could try it on, and from then ensues an exhilarated moment between us. I finally found an anorak after letting go of a potential one from H&M last winter, but it was too big on me. My sister was only able to find size large here in Forever 21, but when I tried it on, the slightly loose fit just worked. I made sure to hold on to it because I knew I would not be able to find another one for that great of a price. Total that day was under $50. I usually love my sister, but I hate her when she coaxes me into buying so many clothes, then I love her when she helps me find items I have been searching for a while. Yes, we have a complicated relationship. Thanks to her, my winter wardrobe finally feels complete.

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