Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Photo stream of the past weekend with the family and usual girls (missing one of us, who was sick)!

My sister's love for green tea desserts.

You can obviously see my love for sushi.

Younger sister's hip-cool-trendy outfit. Her eye for fashion is definitely much better than mine when I was her age. How awesome would it have been to have an older sister...

Trying on these boots to see if I would want to buy them (and I ended up purchasing them, as seen in my last haul).

Waiting for the father to pick up food for the football game.

While the dads went crazy over the game, the girls played hair salon with my sister as the stylist.

The bestie and me taking a not-so-original-cliche mirror shot after seeing my sister and her friend take one.

All of us ended up trying on impossible heels that we would never buy (maybe for quite a long time). 

Of course there was an impromptu catwalk/photoshoot. We must have made a ruckus during the closing hours of the store. My sister and me in a glamorous pose with, of course, matching heels. She just so happened to wear matching pink socks with the heels she had on.

Her obsession is just so unhealthy.

Gotta keep the classics alive. Love my Disney princesses!

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