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I.B.O.T.M. Ayana Giann Carlos

Inspirational Blogger of the Moment

Why her?
Ayana Giann Carlos is my first I.B.O.T.M. for several reasons. She and I share several things in common, which made the reader-blogger bond more special to me. She is a Filipina, a devout Catholic, thrifter, as well as a lover of all things fashion-related. Her main blog, The Secret Vent Sessions, is something of eye candy for me. I anticipate what she will post next and am excited for her savings when I see her thrifty finds. I also love her dedication to her goals in the fashion working world as well as her passion towards her religion and relations with her family and friends. Without a doubt, Ayana is one of the reasons why I wanted to start my own fashion blog myself and after 2 years, I finally did it. So thank you Ayana, and please don't stop until your readers/fans see you rise to the top of the fashion industry.

Name: Ayana Giann Carlos
Nickname(s): “G”/Gee
Blog: (via Tumblr)
The Secret Vent Sessions
Other sites: (also via Tumblr)
-A Chain of Charming Things
-To Be Seen & Heard
-Recycled Treasure
-Prayers of His People
 Age: 19
College: The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Job: Currently Unemployed
State: Northern California
Country: United States

1. What made you decide to showcase your love of fashion with the rest of the world by creating a fashion blog?

-Well I actually started my blog with the intention to have it solely be for my rants and writing, then after going on a trip to the Philippines and coming home with so many pictures, it became an archive for my photography as well. From there I realized that my blog could act as so much more than what I was using it for, so I added my love of fashion to mix and started incorporating personal style posts.

2. What are your favorite go-to accessories or timeless articles of clothing?

- It’s funny that you asked that because as I’ve gotten older, so have my preferences. When It came to accessories, I went through an earring phase, then a ring phase, then a bracelet phase, but now I absolutely cannot leave the house without a statement necklace.
-In terms of timeless clothing, I would have to say blazers. I wear them year round, wool, silk, lightweight and thick. They make any outfit look sophisticated and professional, which is very important because you never know who you’re going to run into when you’re walking around the city.

3. Any tips or advice on becoming a fashionista without breaking the bank?
-First thing to come to mind: THRIFTING. Don’t be afraid to leave the trendy malls and department stores for some good old treasure hunting instead. People don’t realize that we as the consumer, dictate the trends. Designers look to US for what’s becoming popular and being widely appreciated. Plus, trends always come full circle in terms of era. We’re lucky to be in an era where there’s no boundary you can’t break. Start some “DIY (do it yourself)” Projects! Make things that you love, wear things that YOU love. It’ll make it a lot easier to find it at a price you’d prefer. Trust me.

4. What are your opinions on the growing trend of “thrifting?”

- As much as I hate to say it, I think it’s good for our generation. For a while, (starting in the 90’s) we young people were trending toward a state where we’d use our parents’ money excessively for our own pleasures. Although we still do that today, it’s not at as greater of a price as it was before. People are starting to be more smart with how they spend their money and where they spend it, and I commend them for it. If young people are going to be spending, let it be in a range that they themselves can afford.

5. Who are your fashion influences? Any fashion bloggers included? 

-Aside from my mom and the big fashion capitols (Paris, New York, London, LA.. & yes San Francisco), I would probably say off duty models (like Agyness Deyn), Bianca & Dani from Kastor & Pollux, everyone I see on The SF Style Blog, & my peers at school. I love seeing creative people, even if I may never wear what they’re wearing, they inspire me all the same.

6. What can you say to those who are bullied and made fun of for having their own amazing, eccentric, and unique sense of style which is not understood by their peers?

- I say, keep doing YOUR thing, like I said, wear what YOU love because if you ever find yourself getting hurt from harsh words, your skin may be tattered and torn, but you’ll still be a gem on the inside. Stay true to yourself. I know, extremely cliché, but I cannot stress enough how important you are to society just by being someone who has vowed to be real with who they are. There would be no such thing as trend setting, or different genre’s of style without people like you. Keep strong, keep confidence, and keep faith. You were blessed with a unique eye because only YOU can share what YOU have with the world.

7. What are you future goals, dreams, and aspirations, whether fashion-related or not?
-I hope to continue to travel the world. Immersing myself in different cultures, whether they’re a city or a continent away, has always been vital to keeping my creativity and love for life alive.
-I hope to become someone who is constantly invited to either work backstage or attend runway shows because they’re honestly my favorite thing to do.
& finally
-I hope to have a family of my own to share all of my success with.

8. Thoughts on the importance of being educated as well as being fashionable? Can only be one or the other? Important to be both?
-In order to be fashionable, one MUST be educated. I mean, to be fashionable means to KNOW what you like, KNOW where and why the trend started, and KNOW how to work it! People are dubbed “fashionable” based on their credibility. And those 3 things are what determine that.
-The fashion industry and business is tricky because it is both a creative and rational atmosphere. You must not only be keen and innovative, but look the part as well. Professional, yet exciting! Sexy yet sophisticated. You need to know the numbers, be able to keep track of the finances, and yet still  find a way to wow people and showcase your personality. It’s very demanding & in need of educated people.

9. For the youth of today who have lost their self esteem and confidence, either due to physical appearances, financial reasons, academics, etc. what encouraging words do you have for them?

- Work with what you got. It doesn’t take a lot to know how to work it. Trust me. Models have been born because they were spoted strutting on a sidewalk in nothing but a t-shirt & jeans. Singers/Stars were born while doing janitorial tasks & humming tunes in hallways. Some triathletes were born because their doctors told them that they would possibly die of diabetes or weight issues. Many entrepreneurs got to where they were with an almost empty bank account and a leap of faith. WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT. Think about it. No two lives are the same. Many people posses similarities with one another, but no two people were born the same into the same circumstances. You were blessed with what you have because you’re the only one who would be capable of creating something amazing with it. Don’t pity yourselves for what you don’t have, or for what you still catch yourself desiring. Be thankful for what you do have, trust me. It’s enough to go places.

*All pictures taken from The Secret Vent Sessions Ayana Giann ©

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