Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Day

 Top: Bayo (Philippines)
Jeans: Kohls
Sneakers (not shown): Forever 21
White knit cardigan (not shown): vintage

Just came back from the first class of the school year! I was all ready to go and prepared, thinking I would learn something important, but it turned out that no T.A. or professor came by. I woke up at 6:30 am for that? It probably was due to the fact that it was a discussion, not a lecture, and that no one was assigned to teach the class yet. But fortunately, I made two new friends today! As I sat in the class with forty four other students, I could tell I would enjoy being around them. Next class is in a couple of hours. Hopefully I will actually learn something. Coming to this university, I wasn't too sure of what to expect. However, despite the inevitable stress of midterms and finals, I'm excited to learn, meet new people, get out of my comfort zone, and just have fun. 

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