Monday, September 17, 2012


Dresses and shorts: assorted stalls from the divisoria in the Philippines

The awaited gifts from my titas all the way from the Philippines finally arrived! Thank you! I only expected at most one to two pairs of scalloped shorts, and ended up receiving so much more! 

(From left to right): (1) Love the bright red color and the fit of the red dress. It is form-fitting and very flattering on my petite frame. (2) The doily-like lace detailing on the hem of the white scalloped shorts are amazing. The pleats that come right below the belt are a cute little detail as well. (3)The black and white tunic top with lace detailing falls on my body so smoothly. I have been looking for a dress or top that has these mini pleats that go all around the bodice. Finally in my possession. (4) As I twirled around while trying on the white dress with earth-toned polka dots, I felt like I was the hostess at a fancy soiree ready to entertain my guests. Actually, wearing any of these girly items remind me also of the outfits the leading lady in a Korean drama would wear, 'em I right? (5) Needed a basic pair of khaki shorts, and the subtle scalloped cut on the bottom adds a formal and feminine touch to an otherwise plain pair of shorts.

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