Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bet on It

June 27, 2015
Photo credits: A.B.
Hey ya'll, it's finally summer vacation for me (yay, summer session is over!), and that means more time to dedicate to the blog! This is obviously not fashion focused, but definitely another feature of my life I enjoy sharing with you all. Immersing myself in nature and spending time with family is always refreshing and wonderful, to take a break from social media and all that jazz. I definitely recommend researching local nature paths and hiking trails and just explore. Take it all in, and just breathe. Live in the moment. It's incredibly meditative, calming, and de-stressing. Here are some snapshots of my summer stroll, but for a more interactive experience, check out a blog I created a few weeks ago on my Youtube channel, @unconventionalbliss

I'm still wondering what I could do with Youtube, so feel free to comment below or email me what you'd like to see! Make sure to click to view more of the photos ^_^

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