Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bliss, XO: Calm, Cool, Neutral

July 28, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Bagsit

 Be calm, be cool, be neutral

When I think of neutrals I think of two kinds: shades of black like blacks, grays, and whites vs. earth tones like khaki, browns, and grays. I've been exploring a lot of the darker palette, so I wanted to try my hand at a more light, warm neutral look. Neutrals are great to have in a wardrobe because they are so easy to mix and match with other pieces. A great outfit will almost always result. It seems safe, but it also allows for experimentation. Read on for more details about this outfit.
About the outfit: "Neutrals" to me meant something casual and comfortable, so of course my Birkenstocks made an appearance. Then I knew I had to center my outfit around my newly acquired khaki joggers I thrifted. With a more fit cut on the bottom, a loose-fitting top balanced it out. Add some fun pigtail braids, and this outfit looks ready to go. 

Experiment. Mix and match. Do something crazy with your hair. Have fun with your style, and don't ever be neutral about it. 

And here I am forever captured as uncomfortable and awkward, trying to figure out my next pose. 

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