Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bliss, XO: Lemons to Lemonade

July 24, 2015
Photo credits: Miguel Bagsit
This photoshoot was about "a pop of color", so I decided to grab the most basic and brightest piece in my limited closet in my apartment at that moment, and get inspired to add pieces to dress that up. A T-shirt is one of fashion's most basic necessities, so the options for outfits were limitless. I ended up dressing it up with lace, and by pairing it with black pants, the neon yellow still was the statement piece of the outfit. Throw on some sandals and my favorite sunglass silhouette, and I've got me a casual/bordering on dressy/I-put-some-effort-in-getting-dressed-today sort of vibe. 

Make sure to click that "Click to Read More" button to see more outfit detail shots and more details on what this photoshoot is about. You know you want to.
Tshirt: Old Navy || Cardigan: thrifted || Pants: Mango (thrifted) || Sunglasses: H&M || Shoes: Birkenstock
This lace cardigan, again? You, ma'am, are an outfit repeater (please tell me you understand this Lizzie McGuire reference). Yes. Yes I am an outfit repeater, and I am not ashamed. Heck, I have worn my Birkenstock sandals practically everyday this summer, just because I can (and because they are so easy to slip on when you're rushing out the door to catch the bus). 
Well, repeating pieces and showcasing them into this blog is something I would like to continue doing. It allows me to share with you all that you do not need an endless supply of clothes to be fashionable. You just need a few of your personal basic pieces (and I emphasize your because what is considered "basic pieces" to some are not always the go-to pieces for others. So please, follow your own stylish compass and what you are comfortable or interested in experimenting with). With some basic pieces, you can mix and match, so that when put together, you get completely different outfits. 
Once again, another collaboration with the lovely Miguel, who (obviously) photographed me during this photoshoot. It would be amazing if you went and supported my dear friend by checking out his blog post on what he ended up wearing.

And once again, thank you lovelies for supporting me and actually caring on what I deem fashion (and bother reading my stream-of-consciousness styled writing). But seriously, it's almost been three years of blogging, and this journey has been amazing. So thank you <3

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