Monday, June 22, 2015

Golden Hour

June 19, 2015
Photo Credits: E.M.
Photo credits: E.M.
Since the craziness of school finally ended and I had a week of summer vacation before summer classes, I decided to host a small, intimate belated birthday celebration with my childhood friends. I wanted it to have a comforting, warm, friendly vibe to it, from the decor to the food to the activities. I think I actually liked planning everything out and making sure my guests enjoyed every moment. I've learned I hate having attention drawn to me, which is why I never had the fancy cotillion, or debut that Filipinas have when they turn eighteen (that, and the cost was not something I wanted to think about). However, something low-key and intimate like a slumber party with a handful of childhood friends who I consider like sisters is something I much prefer. And I'm so glad everything went well, and even better than I expected. At this "milestone" (although I don't feel much different), I just want to make sure I'm improving myself as a community leader, mentor, older sister, daughter, friend and person everyday, working hard to remain empathetic and sensitive in everything I say and do. (And of course, thank you Mommy and Daddy for helping me put this small celebration together, and to my sister for putting up with me <3).

~And with that, a perfectly smooth segue into the photo shoot!~

I hate to describe it in this way, but it's the easiest way to do so. I wanted the look of the photo shoot to be Coachella-esque/Bohemian/free-spirited. I'm not too educated about the Coachella experience, however, the fashion is something I've always been drawn to. Let's be honest, I just like the aesthetics, but definitely against the cultural appropriation of concert-goers who don "Native-American" feathered headdresses or jewels on their foreheads drawing on Indian culture. These cultures, among others, are not costumes you can just dress up in. Because at the end of the day, they cannot as easily remove their physical characteristics or wipe away their cultural histories to blend into American culture without being reprimanded, judged, and discriminated against. Please educate yourself before putting on "cute" accessories. ~end of spiel~

Now, read on for more outfit shots during my favorite time of day for photography: golden hour - the hour or time period before the sun sets. 
Crop top: Aeropostale || Scarf: Uniqlo (gift) || Skirt: thrifted || Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (thrifted)
Photo Credit: E.B.

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