Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thrift Date

September 2, 2013
Took advantage of the super sale over at Thrift Town during this Labor Day Weekend...50% off clothing. Because it was such a sale, I could not pass this up. Thrifted prices are already low, but with half off, it's too amazing. So of course I had to invite a friend over, who has been steadily increasing her fashion awareness, to accompany my dad, sister, and me to make the trip more exciting. 
It was a fun day of scavenging, although it was probably the busiest I ever remember Thrift Town being. But each of us left with great finds nonetheless (even my dad, who purchased a book on the Qin Terracotta Soldiers). More on my purchases in a future post.
 After a pretty quick, one hour spree at Thrift Town, took most of our time driving around to see if there was a mini recycling company open so that we could sell our empty water bottles. Of course they were all closed, it was a holiday. Since it was still lunch time, we stopped for some roti buns and boba before heading home and putting personal touches on our thrifted jeans. Good day of thrift, photoshoots, Ariana Grande, bleaching, car rides, laughter, shrieks, and good company. 
T-shirt: H&M || Oxford top: Forever 21 (now mine, thanks to my sis) || Leggings: Target 

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