Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shop 'Til Ya Drop

August 31, 2013
Top: Mango || Romper: Walmart (Max Azria) || Studded flats: Nine West || Wired headband: DIY || Backpack: vintage
Ended the month with a bang. Okay, just went out shopping with the family. But scored some amazing deals at Urban Outfitters. 
-Cue fitting room selfies-
Tried on a few pieces. Ended up buying everything, except for the bleached jeans and the burnt orange high waisted pair, which I gave to my sister. Urban Outfitters was having a 40% off Labor Day Sale, so of course my sister and I took advantage of it. And took advantage we did. Each thing I bought came out to become only $6.99. So for regular jeans, high waisted jeans (each are BDG brand), and a palazzo pant romper...well you can do the math. 
After a quick, yet successful shopping spree, we dropped my mom off at work. Then my dad, sister, and I stopped by an Filipino Festival nearby to look around and see what it had to offer. The live music was definitely the high light. 
After a quick stop at the festival, ended up at Chile's for an early dinner for the three of us. Decided to try the Mango Chile Tilapia (chose a healthier meal, since for lunch we managed to get two free hotdogs at a golf store during a Labor Day promotional event).

 Dad was craving pizza (like he always does), and decided upon the Taco Pizza. He was the one craving, yet didn't even finish half of his meal...
Sis ordered a new meal, the chicken and avocado sandwich in between two pretzel buns. 
When asked if we would like dessert, our dad looked to us if we wanted dessert (which was rare), so of course my sister took advantage of this opportunity and ordered her must-order dessert...the Molten Chocolate Cake. 


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