Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BrandBacker: BA STAR Stardust Mineral Eye Shadow

I recently received a package in the mail! That means another product review! Reviewing another BA STAR product. This time, their Stardust Mineral Eye Shadow and Glue Shadow Base.

I like the consistency of the style of their packaging. I know what to expect in the mail! Simple white envelope with their logo to seal it up, and a clear plastic bag that holds the products. 

The Stardust Mineral Eye Shadow in "Bronze". In the photo in the top left corner, you can see that there are four holes where the eye shadow should sift through. It was sealed off so that the product wouldn't be shaking around during delivery. I thought there was a sticker to remove, so that the holes would be open, but I wasn't able to find one. I wasn't even able to pull the little tab that sticks out from underneath the top (as seen in the photo below). So I just used a pencil to puncture the holes. 

I dabbed my finger from the bottom of the removable piece of the eyeshadow, with the four holes. In the above picture, you can already tell how shimmery and bronze the eye shadow is. 

The Glue Shadow Base, or what I assume it to be, an eye shadow primer. 

The following pictures will have one photo taken with flash on the left side, and the same image with no flash on the right side.
Here you can see the Glue Shadow Base in white, after one swipe on the back of my hand. It is next to one swipe of the mineral eye shadow. 

This is after working the Glue Shadow Base into my skin until it was not as visible and ready for the eye shadow to be applied.

After applying the primer, I dabbed my finger once into the back of the top piece of the eye shadow (where the four holes are), and swiped it over where I applied the primer. I could tell there was a difference in application from no primer and with primer. It felt like the eye shadow was really sticking to my skin with the primer underneath.

 Below is where I did my "spit" test. I licked my pinky finger and swiped it across the eye shadow swatch one time on the top, twice across on the bottom of the swatch, and swiped a dry finger in the middle of the swatch. As you can see, the eye shadow did get smudged when there is moisture (I swiped after letting the eye shadow settle after a few minutes on my hand). However, without any moisture, it seemed to stay on pretty well.
Above is the back of my hand when I washed it off with water and no soap. The eye shadow came off  easily with no effort to scrub it off. 

For $8.75 on the brand's website (http://www.bastar.com/product_p/sd111.htm) this shimmery, bronze mineral eyeshadow is definitely worth it. The glue shadow base on the other hand (http://www.bastar.com/Glitter_Glue_p/gluoo.htm), I would just invest in a better quality eye shadow primer. It may be sufficient for a normal day out, but if you plan on dancing the night away, you produce a lot of oil on your eye lids, or you know you will be sweating a lot, another eyeshadow primer will help you out.

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