Thursday, September 5, 2013

Team Teal

August 24, 2013
Came out to support my godmother at Relay for Life, who is an ovarian cancer survivor. This was my second year supporting her and Team Teal, which fights against ovarian cancer. This time around, my dad, sister, and I stayed longer than before, and even got to participate during the luminaria, which was absolutely beautiful and touching. Seeing the amazing support system everyone has for each other makes me remember that there are other things more important than materialistic objects, reputations, and other superficial things, such as family, friends, and life. 
Walked approximately two miles. It was definitely amusing to see many of the participants wearing the rent-a-bras in a variety of styles. 
Decided to donate money and get a henna tattoo with my sister. 
Left in the late afternoon to take a break from supporting Team Teal and grab some lunch. Decided to look around nearby, and ended up in a small mom and pop Filipino Restaurant. Ended up being delicious, especially trying kikiam for the first time. 
Dad ordered Kikiam (tasted very much like shomai, or Chinese dumplings).
Sister ordered Tosilog (Tocino, or sweet pork, with rice and eggs).
I ordered a simple Chicken Mami (chicken noodle soup).
We arrived with plenty of time for the glow sticks ceremony and luminaria. Managed to get a couple snapshots of the paper bag lanterns spelling out "HOPE" on the bleachers. 
After staying a couple hours after the lanterns, we decided to go back home. Before leaving the city, we stopped by Krispy Kreme and ordered the classic Dozen of Original donuts. Always a special treat, since we don't normally order from here. 
 'Twas an empowering day indeed. Definitely hope I have time to go back year after year. 

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